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'The tennis party' J Lavery 1885 {{PD}}

‘The tennis party’ J Lavery 1885 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: we may spend a lot of time thinking about health, and doing what we believe it takes to make us healthy; this should be seen in the broadest terms, applying to all areas of life and all expression. In addressing ‘health’, we may run into a number of dilemmas and conflicts, small and large, that may point out to us just where we’ve brought negative conditions on ourselves. We should be as consciously aware as possible that our thoughts are based on our beliefs, and guide our actions, and that thoughts are 1) less reliable than usual due to the retrograde, which means we are likely to miss something we should take into account or consider, and 2) turning our attention a little too much toward those in authority and those who have dominion over us, and our attempts to express may include digs and resentments we don’t really know we’re including, and 3) responding at this point in time to influences that will be setting up what will play out through to and culminate at the Superior Conjunction (late October). Know that in addressing matters today, you’ll be setting up the circumstances of ‘health’ (or its lack) for some time to come.

'Lilith' John Collier 1891 {{PD}}

‘Lilith’ John Collier 1891 {{PD}}

A special note on the South Node trine Black Moon Lilith: we shouldn’t forget that this is a relationship between two measured points, ‘energy spots’ relative to and determined by the movement of other bodies–and as such, the effect may be more like an echo we catch rather than as with other aspects, which are more like a river we are standing in. Past shames, angers, and failures may haunt us, suddenly, briefly taking on life, pointing strongly toward the potential for re-visiting those same transgressions now. The point, I think, is to prompt us to resolve to do better, not to make us dwell on what was, which is, by virtue of the aspect, presented to us with a life and strength it no longer holds. They’re just memories; remind yourself, you know better, now (SN trine Black Moon Lilith, Chiron qnx Hygeia, Mercury sq Mars, parallel Jupiter, and conjoined the Sun in Inferior Conjunction, with the Sun also sesq Ceres)

Today’s word image is an out-dated computer. I really hate to go with the obvious, but this could just signal some ways we currently still employ to work things out that may be well past their relevance or prime. Merc retro is all about refurbishing our thinking; that may be something to consciously attend to today.

For those born with the Sun at 20 Virgo: you may spend the year incubating new ideas, new approaches, new plans–is there any reason not to implement them as soon as you come up with them? Yes, though this may require something like a balancing act: gaining some mental distance from what’s proposed, at the same time as you are putting the most preliminary steps in motion. I know, not easy–but it will be rewarding if you’re willing to walk that line–the result could be an almost indestructible position, and an ability to act on what you know that almost guarantees success. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!