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'The Fair Toxophiles' 1871 {{PD}} William Powell Frith

‘The Fair Toxophiles’ 1871 {{PD}} William Powell Frith

The AstroEssence: Our attention is very much on ourselves today, on the ways we’ve been wounded, on how we’ve been, in some form, inadequate, unreliable, erratic, a flake. We think we need to stop thinking–at least, halfway through, that may feel like the answer–but in reality, we need to look long and hard not at our transgressions but at the ways we’ve allowed our hurt to drive our ego, and at the way we’ve labeled this ‘instinct’, and so slavishly followed some of our most destructive urges. Though these Self-recriminations may be a tad unpleasant, they’ll be a tremendous good; what we gain is a much more accurate perspective, particularly of our own place in things–and better perspective always, always leads to more effective actions (Perfecting today: Mars sq Chiron, Venus contra-parallel Sedna, Sun qnx Uranus, opp Chiron, and parallel Mercury)

Today’s word image is a stamp. This suggests ‘permission’, and having ‘paid what’s due’ in order to reap some benefit or use some ‘service’. Remember, the only permission you really need to go forward is your own.

For those born with the Sun at 23 Virgo: matters of health and well-being are crowding your peripheral vision–and though you can continue to ignore them, handling them now will prevent big issues in future. The entire year, through to your next birthday, you may wrestle and dance with your responsibilities–to yourself, to the group–and you may need to clearly distinguish between those matters it’s adequate just to understand, and those you must act on. It’ll be a year of tension, surprises, and new experiences, and you’ll likely come out the other end quite changed. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!