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Jacobello Alberegno - 'The Harvest of the World' c1350 {{PD}}

Jacobello Alberegno – ‘The Harvest of the World’ c1350 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: That title is based mostly on a sextile Pluto will make to Juno on the 19th that will likely permeate the entire weekend; it may act as backdrop, or motivator, as it moves toward perfection, imbuing everything with an ambitious undercurrent of gaining power, and a readiness to push for changes that enhance that accumulation of influence. We may be ruthless in our drive to be heard or for our impact to be felt, and typically that would generate all kinds of problems, including some complicated web-weaving, but this time . . . what we’ve got going for us are these things 1) imagination and creative energy out the wazoo, 2) smart thinking that respects our values and relationships, and makes the most of our assets and talents, 3) our actions and choices are spontaneous and naturally lead to our empowerment, 4) and our instincts, especially those that inform healing, are spot on. Cautions come in the form of an inclination to misunderstand health matters, whether these are literal health issues or mental, emotional, or figurative ones, and in a warning to avoid rebelliousness, as being contrary just to be contrary may arise in relationships when we fundamentally misinterpret who the other person is, or what they owe us. Too, watch out for those who might intend to deceive; though they may feel they have a perfectly good reason for doing so, we need to cleave unto the Truth, or at least reality as it actually exists.

Photo by Kabirmathur   CC BY-SA 4.0

Photo by Kabirmathur CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

This weekend’s word image is things that are black and white. High contrast suggests a binary system, one that breaks the world into stark components, if not outright opposites. This might be about bringing our attention to matters where we see things in black and white, not allowing for (or even acknowledging) a middle ground. Consideration for all the shades of gray (and for these being just as legitimate as any extreme) might be in order–or, we may find ourselves called to something more formal (the colors evoke a tux, after all!), or it could be a call to get back to basics.

I loved what Tracy had to say about yesterday’s Lunar eclipse–

For those born with the Sun at 25 Virgo: it may seem this year, through to your next birthday, as if there’s nothing pushing you through life; it may be a matter of drifting, at least in terms of conscious motivation. What compels you remains below consciousness, hidden, possibly not fully formed–and that can be very frustrating. If you’ve wanted to strike out on your own, blaze a trail, or otherwise launch an effort highly dependent on your own efforts, now’s the time. Not much will hold you back–and while you’re working in that direction, things will come together just as they should. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

For the Sun at 26 Virgo: your instincts are strong and responsive this year, informing everything, if you’ll allow it. Be very careful, though, that ‘blind spot’ material doesn’t control choices (that is, that you don’t assert you know something that you don’t), or masquerade as natural instincts or intuitive knowledge. A clear view of the reality picture, and a focus on Self-nurturing (rather than looking to others for emotional comfort) may be the recipe that allows you to gain, produce, or advance. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!

And for the Sun at 27 Virgo: you’re headed toward true emotional integration this year, simply by being and pursuing what you will. It’s inevitable that the emotional perceptions and intelligence will grow–and you can apply them in any way you like, though I can give you a hint: your power comes from Nature. More than for most people, what you make of this Solar cycle will be purely up to you. Good luck, Virgo, and Happy Birthday!