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Emile Claus 1903 {{PD}}

Emile Claus 1903 {{PD}}

Secrets revealed, realities dealt with, accommodations made, results, well, reaped–that’s what this weekend (and that first week day) holds. Proportions to the mix will vary for each individual, of course, but the overall ingredient list remains the same. On Saturday the 24th we see a clear path to ambition fulfillment, and we gain materially, within the reality picture, when we acknowledge matters we’ve heretofore (just have to use that word once!) ignored, been in denial of, or been enraged by. If you’re stuck, not moving forward, it’s likely because you’re either fixed on material assets and benefits in the here and now only, or because you are in your own way protesting what you see as the imperfection of the world. In that latter case, just get over yourself. You seeing the world as it is actually requires your permission, and yet the world doesn’t need your acceptance to be what it is. You see who needs to bend, in this instance, yes? (Juno parallel Zeus, Venus parallel Black Moon Lilith and nov Saturn, Earth parallel Chiron–which means the Sun is contra-parallel)

Sunday the 25th brings a test of Self-discipline disguised as a temptation to rebel. We may wangle with power elements or authorities because, whether we realize it consciously or not, we have the sense they’re trying to, for wont of a better phrase, ‘take our stuff’. Tune in today to the abundant and constant state of the Universe–that’s the only reliable antidote for paranoia or unreasoned erraticism. Today again, pathways to expanding our reach, our knowledge, and our world are plentiful and clear, you just have to contain yourself long enough to take them (Uranus sq Vesta, Jupiter qnx and contra-parallel Ceres, Mars semi-sq BML, Sun conjoined Jupiter and qnx Ceres)

'The Red Curtain' - Helen Hyde 1907 {{PD}}

‘The Red Curtain’ – Helen Hyde 1907 {{PD}}

By Monday the 26th we may sense a shroud lifting–nothing drastic, more like a transparent curtain gently moved aside, or the shift one feels when someone who has judged and condemned us no longer bothers. Overly dramatic, right? There are two reasons for our perceptions playing out like that: we currently feel powerless, and we seem to be looking into all the dark corners, our attention drawn to what we’ve, up ’til now, been able to avoid looking at. One is an illusion fostered by the other; the reality is, if we look at and acknowledge the denied and ignored, we see how powerful we really are (Venus opp Ceres, Sun nov BML, Pluto direct)

The word images for the weekend are: a vinyl record=these have made a hipster-comeback, though in some circles, they never went out of style. This symbol suggests drawing a distinction between appreciation that is inherent to our nature, and appreciation that is essentially following fashion. As you know, fashions come and go–what’s important are the things that speak to our Souls; a street performer continues to perform in the rain=when is persistence a good idea, and when is it fruitless? We have to accept that we can’t always know ahead of time–which is why it’s so important that our actions and choices arise from an inner motivation; a beat-up but stylish pair of pointy-toed, very high heeled boots=something that makes you feel fun, sexy, frisky is getting a little worn–re-think approaches, attitudes, accoutrements, and assumptions–it may be time for something fresh.

For those born with the Sun at 2 Libra: you are optimistic almost to the point of bursting–but it’s going to take some changes in your attitudes toward those in authority, and toward your own grasp of and use of power, before you will hit that achievement and accolade ‘sweet spot’. Keep in mind that this is a good time to explore empowerment and expression options, but that you might want to hold back, just a tad, before completely committing; that way you can sample an array of possibilities, and make the best choice for you. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 3 Libra: opportunity meets you and your talents this year, Libra–and so does the potential for going overboard big-time. You may spend the coming year, through to your next birthday, consumed with trying to find the right balance between excess and exuberance, knowledge and faith, optimism and realistic expectations. It won’t be easy, but it will be fortuitous; expect to gain, one way or another. Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 4 Libra: you are moving forward at about the briskest pace of which you are capable–and it may be time for you to slow down a bit, and take a careful inventory of what you’re responsible for, what power you hold, what you must negotiate for, and what situations and circumstances feel most natural to you, going forward. If you want to do the wise thing, the smart thing, you’ll measure opportunities and social situations with care–it’s here you’re most likely to slip up, or lose your sense of practicality. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!