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'Cranes in Dunes' Friedrich Lissmann 1910 {{PD}}

‘Cranes in Dunes’ Friedrich Lissmann 1910 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: our ideas of our own empowerment may be inspired or fanciful, but in either case we hatch a genius creative approach that’s a bit off the beaten path; whether we’re successful with this or not depends almost entirely on two things: are we connected to instincts and at least peripherally aware of our own motivations? and how willing are we to heal what hurts in order to go forward? If we’re too attached to the past, we may not want to let go of wounds that have become a part of our identity, but if we can focus our energy and attention on the present, real-world situation, we’ll find the unique plan or approach that will allow effective empowerment, and so gain the Love, Money, or status we’ve been seeking (Juno receives a parallel from Neptune, a nov from Merc, and a qnx from Uranus, Venus opp Sedna, Mercury sxt Saturn and qnx SN, Sun qnx Chiron and nov NN)

Today’s word image is a crane. Did you see a tall, slender white bird, or a big piece of construction equipment? If the image that popped into your mind was the bird, then today instincts are strong, your connection to Nature is dynamic, and you can trust your inner compass; if you saw a construction crane, you may be too busy moving the pieces of the puzzle around to appreciate the bigger picture they make.

For those born with the Sun at 22 Libra: It seems you are quietly sussing out the best avenues leading to empowerment and gaining the status you seek, and you appear to be doing this while you distract others with erratic, rebellious, or original behaviors or constructions–so, with that kind of focused effort and skillful subterfuge going on, why are you still feeling uncertain? It’s your stressed relationship to authorities, Mom, or Nature itself, all of which require acknowledgment of the power of others to affect your world. Denial of their strength doesn’t improve yours; you’d do best to note the ways you can offer cooperation that will get you a lot closer to, or a lot more of, what you want. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!