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The ancient Greeks believed that the newly dead were offered pears at the gates of the Afterlife, to ease their homesickness. Have a pear this weekend; you might need the soothing influence. 'Pears and Oranges in a Bowl' - William Glackens 1915 {{PD}}

The ancient Greeks believed the newly dead were offered pears at the gates of the Afterlife, to ease their homesickness. Have a pear this weekend; you might need the soothing influence. ‘Pears and Oranges in a Bowl’ – William Glackens 1915 {{PD}}

22 October: The Rewards of Change

The AstroEssence: Inspiration or the spiritual beliefs illustrate a healthy environment or approach for us, yet our thoughts are mired in yesterday’s empowerment methods, and our actions are prompted by what we don’t acknowledge. The result of this mish-mash, strangely enough, is valuable change, though whether it comes through relationships or financial circumstances, or results in change to them, is an individual matter, probably determined by how successfully we’ve been able to listen to and follow those instinctual prompts that we would really rather turn away from. If we’ve listened and adapted, what occurs is much more under our control and likely much more positive, but if we’ve avoided following that internal voice the change is likely delivered by externals, over which we have little influence (Neptune trine Hygeia, Mars sxt Black Moon Lilith, Venus nov Pluto, Mercury sesq South Node, parallel Juno, qnx Sedna, Sun enters Scorpio)

Today’s word image is a set of car keys. You have the keys–now drive forward!

We’re at that point (past it, really, at least in Pacific time) when the days don’t neatly align with the Sun in a single degree, so today we’ll list both:

For those born with the Sun at 29 Libra: Power issues, who owns what, who controls whom, and what and to whom you dedicate your life energy take front and center stage this year, through to your next birthday. Those are big subjects, and they’ll be the underpinning of the more mundane, daily events; remain aware of this, and make choices according to your highest values and most honored priorities, and you’ll lay the foundation for big change or a whole new role that arrives relatively soon. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 00 Scorpio: This coming year, through to your next birthday, you may be focused on conflicts within those life areas where you want to make commitments (with a mate, in the home, or to causes and those ideas that shape the life direction); you may find yourself running up against problems and surprising contradictions within your own value set, and this takes an emotional toll (and possibly expresses through the matters of the House that holds Cancer). By the time you’ve made one more trip around the Sun, you’ll be feeling and seeing things much differently than you do now–allow the change; don’t waste your energy resisting. Good luck, and Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

23 October: What’s Stopping You?

The AstroEssence: Mark this day on your calendar; it’s likely to hold some large upset, conflict, awareness of disparity, angry confrontation, power-play, or some tattling-like communication that just won’t allow us to end the day as we started it. Big shifts can have their origins today; so can turning points. At a minimum, expect adjustments to the social role, the Self-image, the permission you grant yourself, and/ or the way in which you attempt to actualize the dream–and expect the priorities to change as a consequence (Jupiter qnx Neptune, Mars sq Zeus, Venus sesq Uranus, Merc opp Ceres and semi-sq Saturn, Sun sq Vesta)

Mikoláš Aleš 1881 {{PD}}

Mikoláš Aleš 1881 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a crow trying to carry a whole branch back to the nest. It’s too heavy, of course. What are you attempting that might be more than you can handle? Is it an appropriate goal in the first place? Consider what you might have to deal with if you succeed. If you truly find it a worthy goal, you might want to ask yourself why you haven’t yet asked for help.

For those born with the Sun at 01 Scorpio: You may spend the year re-shaping your life according to some recent changes to your values and commitments; you’re looking to build something solid, something lasting, and to remove certain barriers that perhaps you are seeing as movable for the first time. You have the focus and energy to do it–don’t let emotional issues or conflicts drain your zest and distract from your goals. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!