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By John William Godward 1903- {{PD}}

By John William Godward 1903- {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We may actually see more of an effect related to the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury today rather than yesterday, when the meeting perfected. That’s due to two things: both bodies perfect an attention-grabbing sesquiquadrate to Chiron today, and the Sun is not only still conjoined Mercury, but parallel to it (that is, the same distance from the horizon, making them appear to occupy the same spot in the sky). The difficult contacts to Chiron suggest that wounds, particularly the pre-verbal, primal ones, will underlie perceptions and communications today, making for rough interactions and likely even rougher internal processing of what’s perceived. The identity and perceptual abilities are so closely merged at this time, so closely aligned, that it’s unlikely we’ll be successful in separating our thoughts and perceptions from who we are–and that can foster all kinds of upset, as we react to words or perceived messages as if they hold the power to define or even control us. Remember that you’re actually the only one who can negotiate your future–and that it’s up to you to embrace Self-responsibility, rather than hiding out in chaos or rebellion (Ceres trine NN, Mars sq Uranus, Merc sesq Chiron, Sun sesq Chiron and parallel Mercury)

Today’s word image is putting the wrong month on all the paperwork. When that happens I’ve started to think of it as a little touch of time travel, a part of the unconscious pushing forward, trying to alert us to . . . what? Maybe to a brief window where we are actually perceiving, even living in, our own future, at least psychically speaking–and when that happens, it’s best to stop and take a clear look around at what’s going on. These instances are definitely clues to what’s coming.

For those born with the Sun at 5 Scorpio: The mental realm may dominate your year, and for some time it may be difficult for you to concede that your mind and Beingness really are two different things–you’ll be convinced you are your mind! This has the advantage of conferring a strong internal unity of purpose that can drive significant forward progress in the material world; but a too-close identification of the ego with the mind can end up triggering vengeance and affront when the delicate ego believes its ideas to be ill-received. Use your mighty brain power at this time to plan, push toward goals, and to understand–the power of cognition is so formidable that this same ability which might turn friends into enemies could just as easily turn enemies into friends, if you’ll apply it. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!