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'Kamal-ol-molk' A Tehran neighborhood Dushan Tappe 1899 {{PD}}

‘Kamal-ol-molk’ A Tehran neighborhood Dushan Tappe 1899 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: We concentrate on what’s healthy, right, balanced, and that’s good, and actions are driven by reason, though that latter doesn’t happen until late in the day; before then, actions burst forth from the pressure of strictures, repression, the demands of ‘the rules’, or the expectations of authority. Issues arise from distorted views of power, or lies we’ve accepted about power–great for the US election, right? We can override any misperceptions with a willingness to adjust thinking to fit the real-life situation, conforming to Mother Nature or to the ‘natural’ order of things–a difficult prescription, I know, but one that brings rewards by following instincts, and what we know to be the Truth (no matter how our prejudices have processed it) (Neptune semi-sq Ceres, Mars enters Aquarius, Venus qnx Sedna, Mercury qnx Ceres, Sun conjoined Hygeia)

Today’s word image is green candy. Does that even sound appealing? I took this symbol to say we should ‘eat our greens’–take in what’s good for us, however distasteful to the individual–because it’s going to turn out sweet.

For those born with the Sun at 16 Scorpio: You’ve taken measures to address both the health and real-world power situations–now what? In reality you still need to tackle these subjects–treatment of them was too shallow, too much at the surface to make for effective change–and the reason it’s important is that you need to be ready for the major opportunities you’ll encounter soon in the areas of realizing ambitions and/ or fulfilling desire. Don’t put Self-improvement or Self-definition off, Scorpio! Good luck, and Happy Birthday!