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Sophie Gengembre Anderson - 'Scheherazade' c1885 {{PD}}

Sophie Gengembre Anderson – ‘Scheherazade’ c1885 {{PD}}

The Full Moon in Taurus perfects at 5:52 AM Pacific time at 22 Taurus 37, loosely conjoined Sedna and loosely opposed Black Moon Lilith and Hygeia, loading the event axis and drawing all these energies into the T-square created by Pallas, the sextile to Chiron, and the semi-sextiles to Uranus and Ceres–and with these latter, I include them because the Sun is so prominent in this equation that, as supplier of the light, it’s almost stolen the show from the Moon. This isn’t too surprising, as conjoined Sedna, the Full Moon itself may fall in a kind of Collective ‘blind spot’, so that en masse we find ourselves unable to see just exactly what has come to an end, and possibly not see what this is telling us, at all.

In the midst of writing this I took a break to meditate a little on it, and I come back to the keyboard convinced that it’s actually the Sun and its contacts that will supply the overt energy here. It’s all about the stories we tell ourselves, what we’re willing to face, see, and deal with, what we explain away or use to explain our own inaction. With the Sun so psychically prominent, what concludes, draws to a close, ends, completes, or is denied or removed will occur in such a way that, even if we are conscious of it, it won’t be the focus of our conscious attention. Instead our gaze, literal or figurative, may fall on those darker matters, long denied or ignored, or that enrage, and the need to ‘clean them up’, to create a more healthy environment in one form or another. This suggests we have a prime chance to heal or remedy something, and we do this in part by adjusting our own attitudes of rebellion, erratic response, and irrationality, and our relationship to power, both our own and the authority others hold. It’s the smart thing to do, but not easy, and we may hear alarm bells that tell us a compromise isn’t wise–but that would be the ego by way of the intellect, wanting to keep things theoretical, rather than wading in to really make a difference and clean up the mess.

We may lose something that comforted us, but that in reality kept us from dealing with what is. The situation, circumstances, or attitudes we must deal with to ‘clean this up’ are, no doubt, at least somewhat toxic–but that’s the point, we’ve avoided them because they pollute us or drag us down or confuse us–and now it must come to an end, for our own and the larger good.

Anonymous (Korea) 'Rabbits and Moon' 19th century {{PD}}

Anonymous (Korea)
‘Rabbits and Moon’ 19th century {{PD}}

The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is, ‘A Jewelry Shop Filled With Valuable Gems’–but let’s look at the Sun symbol as a second part, though more closely aligned than we would normally see it: ‘A Rabbit Metamorphoses Into A Nature Spirit’. In the first symbol, the one for the Moon, we see a place filled with valuable items–but we don’t know if those are obtainable, if we have any access to them, or anything to exchange for them, possibly mirroring the benefits we could enjoy if we would deal with things. Right now, though, they belong to someone else (the shop). In the second we see a rabbit, which very strongly vibes to Taurean values of comfort, abundance, fecundity, and the sense of being ‘earthed’, and this materially-oriented viewpoint transforms into a spiritual one, suggesting that once we deal with the heretofore ignored toxic matters, we unlock not just abundance (the gems), we move beyond the material in terms of benefits (the rabbit as spirit).

As an aside, Mercury also conjoins Juno today and semi-squares Zeus, adding notes of empowerment and ambition–so it likely seems we are just pursuing our own effectiveness and trying to reach goals, when in reality we are at work unlocking and transforming earthly assets and rewards into spiritual ones.

For those born with the Sun at 22 Scorpio: In recently trying to heal or ‘fix’ things, you may have discovered a great deal about yourself, especially about what you are or are not willing to do–and this coming year, through to your next birthday, you’ll be challenged to decide just how much you’re willing to cooperate with or knuckle under to those in authority. It may not be pretty, but should make very clear what power you really do hold, and so solidify your reach and bring to an end some matters that simply drained you, while offering opportunities for you to do more, and do more better, than ever before. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!