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Károly Patkó 'Well Sweep' 1928 {{PD}}

Károly Patkó ‘Well Sweep’ 1928 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Like it or not, we are transformed: by our own or others’ thoughts or words, by contrasts between relationships and values, by unexpected opportunities that are far beyond what we’d have envisioned for ourselves, by secrets or hidden or ignored matters finally seen, by an inflow of assets or money that by its very existence alters our priorities, by actions taken in defiance of what we treasure, by seeing an opening and courageously taking it. Look for one or more of these effects/ events; some of us will see it in externals that come at us, some will experience it internally, in a re-weighing of the impulses between the mind and heart. Look to matters of the House where Mars now transits (Aquarius) for the reasoning or arguments behind your own or others’ actions (and supported secondarily by the transiting Moon, in Gemini, with ’emotional thinking’), and look to the way the ego, identity, and values intersect (Vesta in Leo) for clues as to why things will change and take the form they do. We’ll all reach the end of the day changed; to make the most of it, be as conscious of your own concepts of yourself, and your projections, as possible (Hygeia conj Black Moon Lilith, Mars opp and Venus qnx Vesta, Mercury nov Pluto, sxt Mars, and trine Vesta, Sun nov Jupiter)

John Everett Millais - 'Ducklings' 1889 {{PD}}

John Everett Millais – ‘Ducklings’ 1889 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a duckling that falls behind mama duck and the other ducklings. If you observe ducks you’ll see this often: one that seems either unable or unwilling to keep up. We all feel at times as if it’s a struggle to keep up, to stay safe by remaining close to the group, but we may want to consider the advantages to going our own way, if only for a time: what we lack in mama’s (authority’s) attention and protection, we make up for in not having to compete for the same assets with our peers, we may pioneer entirely new territory, and we may remove a target from our backs, as it’s easier for a predator to track a group than it is to find a single, small duck among the reeds. So, don’t lament if you are sometimes estranged from the group, or falling behind–there are ways to make it work for you that you’ll never get a crack at staying with the flock.

For those born with the Sun at 23 Scorpio: It’s all about who holds power, who’s in authority, who controls what territory, and who is in charge of whom. This is the topic through the year, up to your next birthday, and is likely exhausting, as continual adjustment will be required. Take heart, though, as what you gain by tackling this now is a strong, clear identity and a direction connection to instincts, which will guide you handily in future. Good luck, Scorpio, and Happy Birthday!

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