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'Procession of Elephants' Giulio Campagnola {{PD}}

‘Procession of Elephants’ Giulio Campagnola {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: The conflict between enlarging, gaining, optimizing, and destroying, obliterating, permanently altering, may be confusing at first; why would one turn away from the opportunity to widen one’s world, to learn, to educate, to discover knowledge, especially as it pertains to or enhances our relationships (Jupiter in Libra), preferring or pushing for a kind of nuclear winter, in one form or another? Some do so, perhaps, with the idea that pulling down the old rules, institutions, barriers, and structures is uniformly a good thing, and that they do it with the support of others moving in lock-step with them–but that ignores the human need for containment, shelter, and the security offered by having at least some knowables in our sphere.

Or, matters may take the form of something as stark as Knowledge versus Power, or the stability and cooperation of the social order pitted against the rage of those denied, who are looking to burn it down, or with the best of intentions transform it–but in any case, a clash is to be expected, even as we can also look for opportunities to rise from the ashes. There is also the potential for all forms of Power to enlarge their scope, to spread, and perhaps to box in those looking to the facts, or looking to exploit options. This is what the Jupiter-Pluto square may bring–it also perfects on 30 March 2017 and 4 August 2017–but this time we meet it with our minds and thoughts attuned to beauty, love, and kindness, to the transformative power of desire, and with thoughts focused on ambitions, both personal and for our society. We can take the energy of conflict and re-shape it at this time, according to the facts and the extent of our optimism; we very quickly find out what the changes or destruction we make costs, and what results from our choices may make it a challenge to remember our own standards, as well as just what power and authority we personally hold. Danger comes in the form of poorly-thought-through rebellion, or in demands that others honor our uniqueness or see us as original despite our need for personal housecleaning, in terms of needing to deal with what we’ve ignored or denied, first.

It’s a time when Power and Opportunity intersect, initially clashing, but at the same time offering ways in which we can, by resolving tensions between them, make use of their possibilities. We can enhance our power at this time, widen our viewpoint and our influence, and potentially ruin chances if we go too far in our desire to refurbish–so tread with lots of optimism, and some care (Thursday: Jupiter sq Pluto, Mercury parallel Venus and sxt Zeus; Friday: Juno sesq Ceres, Uranus qnx Black Moon Lilith, Venus conj Pluto and sq Jupiter, Mercury sesq Vesta, Sun semi-sq Zeus)


Judith Leyster – ‘Young Flute Player’ c1630s {{PD}}

The word image for these two days: a musical instrument, long laid aside, is picked up once again. Maybe this is just an extension of yesterday’s image, suggesting that we reconnect with whatever instrument allowed us to ‘sing our song’. Expect the return of an old skill, pleasure, talent, and its expression, renewed and ready to be part of our lives once again.

For those born with the Sun at 3 Sagittarius: How can I say this without sounding scary? The darkness, the unexpected, and what initially seems destructive or negative leads to some very rewarding places this Solar year, through to your next birthday. What seems chaotic actually breeds a chance for emotional harmony, especially in relationships and cooperative efforts. Just accept that things may seem confusing, and try not to be too focused on creating a specific outcome–ride the wave of what comes at you, and you can create some interesting and powerful instances of success. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

For those born with the Sun at 4 Sagittarius: You appear to be on the cusp of a status change, but you may go through an extended ‘black out’ period preceding this that may seem, for all intents and purposes, as if nothing is going to happen. Whether this is felt to be a positive or negative shift in your standing really depends on what you’ve built (or insisted on tearing down) previously–and during the waiting period, you can push things in a positive direction, mostly by cooperating and coordinating with others. Strong suits this coming Solar year include a willingness to take action, and a kind of genius for spotting opportunities to make all things ‘healthier’, however that applies. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

Little Smoky, Alberta, 1946. A14287 Provincial Archives of Alberta

Little Smoky, Alberta, 1946. A14287 Provincial Archives of Alberta

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers, and a happy harvest to the entire Northern Hemisphere–and spring greetings to those in the South!