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‘La mort de la mère’ Ernest Lincker c1911 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Benefits of all kinds come from ‘clean living’ (whatever that means to you) and this apparently involves pursuing our ambitions, being creative, and being open to spontaneous action. It seems health in all areas comes from a positive and pro-active Self-focus that calls for realization of our goals. That’s a very nice recipe for going after exactly what we want, but keep in mind: success with these energies requires us to reassess our commitments (willingly revising our standards so they are real-world oriented and practical), be cautious, as making choices and taking action brings the unexpected, and we need to be actively aware that the spotlight will naturally fall on the Beautiful, the Prosperous, on Relationships, Finances, areas of Cooperation, Diplomatic endeavors, and on those things that we might envy. With those matters spotlighted, we need to either learn from what we observe and/ or be aware that what we’re seeing is exaggerated, and may present an unreal level of ‘perfection’ that we should not expect ourselves to attain (chiefly because it’s essentially an illusion) (Hygeia nov Zeus, Mars sxt Uranus, Venus sxt Hygeia and nov Neptune, Mercury qnx Vesta, Sun parallel Venus)

Edvard Munch - Death and the Child (1899) {{PD}}

Edvard Munch – Death and the Child (1899) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a dream I had last night, the message of which I will translate: no one can escape death. Grim, right? Except, how differently would we behave if we actually accepted that idea, that we would indeed one day end (at least in our current form)? If we did accept it, that is, truly realize it, we would probably have a viewpoint much closer to the one we see in those who have gone through a terrible ordeal, a disaster, a life-changing illness, or a near-death experience: we would likely see things in a more eternal light, with much different kinds of ‘investment’ made in the everyday. What we appreciate would change markedly, as would what we care about. It’s worth trying to consciously adopt a seriously long view in our decision-making and our energy investments at this point, mostly because we just can’t know what our choices will bring (reflected by the current Mars-Uranus sextile).

For those born with the Sun at 15 Sagittarius: If you can accept some major change that’s coming up shortly, you will encounter some big opportunities or ‘lucky’ turn of events this Solar year, through to your next birthday. These will, perhaps surprisingly, be followed by the need for serious hard work, in order to make the most of them, to cement their benefits in place, and to make the achievements they make possible permanent. At the same time, the emotional life may be tough, as feelings may clash with your Self-image and you could be the victim of deception, or possibly just fall for an illusion. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

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