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'In the Waves, or Ondine' Paul Gauguin {{PD}}

‘In the Waves, or Ondine’ Paul Gauguin {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Beneath the waves of feeling (today they mostly have a Moon transiting Leo character of bluster, Self-concern–and this concern should not be seen as negative–attention-seeking, and glorious, shining accomplishment–and for some, ‘accomplishment’ is nothing more than ‘being their shining Self’!) we find the treasure in relationships and the financial situation, even though we may start our inspection with a focus on hurt, or how it isn’t working. Adjustment is achieved by refining the viewpoint (most easily done by changing what we’re looking at–that is, by finding something within the situation or individual of which we approve, which then allows us to see other positive qualities and potentials). A few negative-Nellies will pull the profit from hurt, their own or others’, but winners reach reward through use of unique skills and the willingness to modify impulses so that they reflect feedback from reality (Venus nov Chiron, Sun qnx Sedna)

'Hanging Apples' by DeScott Evans. And what are they hanging by? Twine! {{PD}}

‘Hanging Apples’ by DeScott Evans. And what are they hanging by? Twine! {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a ball of twine. Such an ordinary thing, that used to be a lot more commonly available than it is now–if you want to tie something with twine, you have to search for it! No longer is it the household and business staple it once was. What thing that used to be basic to your everyday functioning has almost disappeared? And are you happy with what’s taken its place?

For those born with the Sun at 25 Sagittarius: You are on your way to making some very wise moves and choices in life, but two things must happen first, in order for those choices to be successful: 1) you must be willing to set aside what you think you know or sense in favor of what’s really happening, and 2) you have to resolve, one way or another, the current ‘crisis in caring’. You may care too much, or too little, but either way you must gain emotional stability and surety before you can go forward. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

For goodness sake, read! 'La Lectura' by Raimundo Madrazo {{PD}}

For goodness sake, read! ‘La Lectura’ by Raimundo Madrazo {{PD}}