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'Conductrices de chariots a l'Hypodrome' James Tissot c1884 {{PD}}

‘Conductrices de chariots a l’Hypodrome’ James Tissot c1884 {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: On our minds: a healthy balanced mentality, as we try to get ‘more’–is it even possible to enjoy mental equilibrium when we are striving to ‘get’? Today it is, if we take the reins and do it like a goddess: confidently, with the aim of making the absolute best we can of things, of driving in the direction we want to go. And when presented with a choice, do what’s smart and/ or positive, because in the end, it all will become known by others (Jupiter semi-sq and Mercury nov Hygeia, Venus sxt Juno)

Today’s word image is the side by side placement of colors black and white. We think of them as opposites and in a sense they are, if we’re seeing one as all colors, and one as the absence of color–but we also use this combination to indicate not just stark contrasts, but inescapable conditions, facts or agreements or limitations set out in direct terms. Is there something you’re seeing in black and white terms that may be more subtle, that you may be misjudging as an ‘either/ or’ choice or condition, when it’s really several shades of gray (but not 50!)? Or is it a need to get down to basics, to ‘the contract’ and its stipulations, and go forward either accepting or implementing what it spells out? This may be a minor reality check for perceptual (especially mental) acuity to complement freshly-retro Mercury, especially as our awareness applies to our (usually unwritten) agreements..

For those born with the Sun at 29 Sagittarius: Action is ‘where it’s at’ for you this Solar year, through to your next birthday, but choices may be made on the fly, under circumstances that feel as if you’re required to hop from a moving car and hit the pavement running. A couple of things you may need to consider as your year unfolds: do you need to exit the speeding conveyance (read, whatever’s currently moving you forward) at all? If you jump out and start running, will you fall behind on your true goals? Could you possibly roll out (make the impact of change less dramatic)? And if you choose to leap from the car and immediately begin running, you’d better be brave enough to look around and make sure you’re running in the right direction. Good luck, Sagittarius, and Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your Tuesday!