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By H005 - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8384955

By H005 – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8384955

The AstroEssence: Our tiny, narrow, life-on-earth focus will be on the struggle to wring rewards from our ambitions and desires, to fulfill ourselves; we’re trying to get the kind of support and cooperation (Zeus in Libra) we believe will facilitate and bring what we want from ‘the Dream’ (Venus in Pisces). But, simultaneously, our all-perceiving, Cosmic focus will, whether we are conscious of it or not, temper the identity through transformative fire–and this may be an actual experience of breakdown or change, where the individual is ‘destroyed’, left shattered, or undergoes involuntary loss, or, more likely, it will involve an off-stage metamorphosis (that is, something that happens to the Soul, but without our consciousness undergoing a direct experience)–and today is the point where this process, or its results, may be revealed. Expect in some way to see yourself differently, or to learn something fundamental about who you are that you’d never before realized (Venus sesq Zeus, Sun conj Pluto)

From John Tenniel's illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland {{PD}}

From John Tenniel’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland {{PD}}

Today’s word image is more like a little story, and comes from a series of dreams I’ve had lately, that seem to fit the Sun-Pluto conjunction perfectly. The most coherent of these involved a group of scientists who were convinced the world would end in disaster; their answer was to round up a group of 60 people and genetically manipulate them so that they weren’t just human, they also carried the code for every other living thing, becoming part plant and part animal, and even were made to embody various facets of culture. I distinctly remember more than one person who became part book (literally having body parts made of paper!) and one who carried a space for ‘blue’! One person, a woman, seemed to be very angry about the transformations, stating she just wanted to be pure emotion, but everyone else was happy with what had been done, because they enjoyed what seemed to be a more objective or perhaps just wider sense of the world and what existed in it.

For those born with the Sun at 16 Capricorn: Change is definitely on the horizon, but the news flash is that it will be driven, not by your choices and wishes so much as by accident, surprise, revelation, and emotions, and so will not, in the end, actually be under your control–and that’s the thing you need to accept about all that develops this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday. You may have mentally minimized the role of others or the Universe in making things happen, and now events will conspire to remind you you’re not in charge. A useful lesson, and one that will serve you very well, once you completely acknowledge the truth of it. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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