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'Miranda -- The Tempest' 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

‘Miranda — The Tempest’ 1916 John William Waterhouse {{PD}}

The AstroEssence: Today we find ourselves fighting Nature (or the nature of the thing with which we’re dealing), and we have to ask, Why? For some it will be the need to support the illusion of originality or independence (if these people would only remember to ask themselves, is there anything ever that’s truly new, or truly without ties? No–and that means they needn’t be so hard on themselves), for others a fear of committing resources (fear of not having ‘enough’), and for still others it’s an unthinking expression of the wound (‘I act out and lash out, because I don’t want to recognize my hurt’). Being as conscious as possible of our own and others ‘blind spots’, especially those areas we want to ignore, deny exist, or that enrage us, trusting ourselves to be strong enough to respond adequately to anything, and vowing to resist our own inclination to push back with authorities, will go a long way toward smoothing out ups and downs, and will help take us forward, rather than sideways or back (Uranus semi-sq Pallas, Mars conj Chiron and contra-parallel Ceres, Venus sesq Vesta, Sun sxt Black Moon Lilith)

This is called 'The Love Letter', but could apply to today's word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller - 'Der Liebesbrief' 1848 {{PD}}

This is called ‘The Love Letter’, but could apply to today’s word image, if we think of it as someone trying to get you to stop loving yourself. Ferdinand Georg Waldmueller – ‘Der Liebesbrief’ 1848 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is hate mail. Whether it comes in a pretty perfumed envelope in snail mail or through email, Twitter, over a loudspeaker, or wrapped nicely in a passive-aggressive remark, it’s all the same: an advertisement for the nastiness that lives inside the speaker. Remember to whom that ick belongs, next time someone tries to gift you with it.

For those born with the Sun at 26 Capricorn: You’re beyond the reach of authorities this Solar year in some very important way; the only thing that can trip you up is your own propensity to ignore, deny, or become righteous over what you’d rather not see. What offers you this Super Power? A firm grounding in what’s important in your life, and a sureness about what you want to dedicate your energy to and for. Bonus hint: your mate needs to be your best friend–don’t put them, consciously or not, into the enemy camp. Good luck, Cappy, and Happy Birthday!

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