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Robinet Testard, Allegory of Music or Erato in an illuminated manuscript of Echecs amoureux, ca 1496-1498 {{PD}}

Robinet Testard, Allegory of Music or Erato in an illuminated manuscript of Echecs amoureux (failed loves), c1496-1498 {{PD}}

I have only a couple of things I’d like to add to the eclipse picture for the 10th: Mother Nature backs instincts–trust them, they’re unlikely to be delusions or wishful thinking at this point, though be careful to vet them against the facts or the reality picture, to insure they aren’t simply distractions from the core (eclipse) issues; be aware it’s a false equivalency if someone tries to persuade you that prosperity is a direct reflection of smarts–it isn’t; and it may be tempting to distort values to fit current situations–don’t.

No word image for today–we’ve got enough pictures flying around in our minds as it is.

In the lee of the eclipse, on the 11th we see and live, or deny and suppress, what’s healthy–there’s no in-between–and since opportunities will abound, we need to be clear on what’s smart (and that means what’s healthy), in order to take advantage of them. Best source of wisdom? I hate to say it, but it may be authorities, custom, tradition, and father figures–but keep in mind, sometimes we can learn as much from examples of what we shouldn’t be as we can from what we should.

Today’s word image is a double-headed swan. What do we say about swans, besides that they’re beautiful? That they mate for life. The symbol may suggest such a committed melding, a ‘two fleshes that become one’ kind of relationship, and that relationship may be between individuals or an individual and some commitment. We tend to hold this up as the ideal of marriage in our society–but is it truly healthy to lose oneself in commitment to another? It can be–if we maintain a separate and Self-respecting sense of identity, interests, and values (the two heads)–that is, if we don’t subdue our own Beingness in favor of the partner’s–and if we are willing to walk away should the relationship become destructive to who we are.

For the 12th we may feel overwhelmed by seemingly inevitable and relentless change, destruction, transformation, resurrection, entropy, decay, and shifts to structures and forms we’ve always counted on. The vertigo is understandable, and may persuade us that our ambitions and goals may be harmed by changes we can’t stop–but that fear is simply an expression of the disconnect between our conscious minds and our instincts. A good place to jump-start the connection is with the transiting Moon and the subjects of the natal House the Moon’s currently passing through; it’s roughly at mid- to late Virgo, and just from its current sign we know that being accountable, that taking a detail or critically-oriented approach, one focused on results (the Harvest), will help us align the conscious mind with the unconscious perceptions–and so remove the tension that can grow when we perceive but don’t ‘know’.

Today’s word image is something green–whatever thing, of whatever shade, that grabs your attention. It’s a synchronous marker, a notice to pay attention now, a wake up call to something untested, untried, or unripe, a hint to watch what’s growing. If the green is a shade you wouldn’t find in nature, then consider what unnatural thing may have been masquerading as organic to your life.

The 13th brings a perceptible shift–it becomes apparent that what’s been hidden or ignored is fact-based, is seated in wide-ranging relationships, and missing this may have stymied opportunities–and we may feel rebellious from, or very much at odds with, our own wisdom, nature, and personal authority. We reject the very idea that we should’ve been paying attention. We may seek to avoid responsibility–we play the rebel, the righteous one, or the genius, and in the role see an escape from the mundane or the disciplined–but really, our instincts and impulses will lead us astray–only the concrete, the contained, the austere, and the serious will offer progress at this time.

Today’s word image is one customer ignored while another is attended promptly. That is an awful situation, whether you are the one ignored (and so feeling shamed and infuriated by the way you’re treated) or the one who receives help in the presence of the ignored one (and so feeling equal parts embarrassed, guilty, and angry) as even in the situation of noting to the clerk, when it applies, that the other person was first rarely prompts a change. This image may speak to our own assumptions about what we’re ‘owed’, as well as pointing out that sometimes we just have to deal with others’ prejudices and filters, no matter what our position. It also may suggest that feelings such as shame or guilt that are unrelated to our own actions are an inappropriate burden we’re not meant to carry; these have roots in unresolved internal matters, and have attached themselves to someone else’s choices, making us feel somehow responsible even though we aren’t.

On the 14th those who own their own empowerment both shape the future and ‘win’; but be aware that actions and choices have a tendency to arise from past experiences rather than a position of strength, and that you may be feeling certain social pressures that threaten wounds, and so must be adjusted for.

Gustav Klimt 1902 {{PD}}

Gustav Klimt 1902 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a storm anticipated that never arrives. Are we looking for upset, drama, trouble? Being prepared for it is one thing, but arranging our lives around potential ‘bad weather’ is an entirely unnecessary other thing, one that bleeds energy from our efforts and taints our goals and expression of purpose.

For the 15th we see all forms of Nature (including human) support our expression of our most unique and individual skill sets, but we must go forward on mental and emotional energy alone, as creativity just isn’t available; the creative urge is stuck somewhere under the rules, the incorporated voices of authorities past and present, and in our own fears of being freakish or out-of-control. Any time you’re feeling queasy, just think about what really matters to you, and re-align efforts from there.

Today’s word image is a rocking chair. Take things as they come, accept the ebb and flow of energy, and relax with something soothing and meditative.

The 16th, in a somewhat round-about way, brings man-woman issues seated in who holds what power. Everyone has something to say about this: the social sphere, authorities, Mom, people who are angry, those who aren’t gaining what they’d hoped or meeting their goals, the empowered and the disempowered, literally everyone with a stake in the game–and that applies doubly to those who see themselves as above it all–they are more vulnerable than anyone to wrestling for power without realizing they are! It’s easy to be destructive or wish to wipe the slate clean, but think carefully before you do, because at this time the baby of progress goes right out with the clearing-the-decks-bathwater, scuttling any advantages we’ve so far acquired.

Today’s word image is time travel. Say what?! You’ll have a little taste of that today; it gives you the chance to decide whether you want to go back to that era, or not.

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