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There’s a certain amount of automatic mystery to a visitor who won’t remove their hat and veil. ‘A Friendly Call’ William Merritt Chase 1894 {{PD}}

The 10th we see a pile-up in Pisces that both sets the tone and defines the issues: Chiron, Mercury, and Pallas all meet in the 24th degree, with Pallas and Chiron joined by the Sun on the 14th, after Merc has moved on. This may play out as the offering of wisdom, the potential for healing, and illumination of the spirit-situation behind the material world, received through dreams, connection to the Collective (such as when we meditate), or in the discovery of illusions or pursuit of making Art. Merc moves on, and we see this Piscean cluster shift from thinking, mulling, reasoning, considering to, when the Sun arrives, the kind of illumination of What Is that occurs in a flash. Consciously use this influence to makes things right, heal what’s injured, and absorb wisdom–at this time, it’s in the water, so to speak. This lasts through the week.

Today’s word image is the idea of ‘small talk’. Though this can make surface encounters smoother and more pleasant than they otherwise might be, most of us aren’t too good at the kind of small talk that people cultivate in entertainment, politics, and other stressful arenas where contact is part of the job. In fact, most of us turn our noses up at light conversation, mistaking it as an indicator of shallowness when in reality it’s a skill, and a useful one in the way it allows us to interact and even open up in the briefest of encounters. It’s time to re-consider something you’ve previously judged to be frivolous or indicative of a sub-standard intellect–there’s more to it, and it’s more useful, than you previously believed.

On the 11th we can visualize precisely what we want, and our thoughts run in the direction of our best interests, and so qualify as unreservedly wise–and we see, too, that actions have direct value and, because of a need to connect with ‘the facts’, to adjust our position vis a vis the social order, and/ or because we must realign our expansion attempts, our attention goes to what it is we can do ourselves. An internal harmony is possible that allows us to proceed without social approval, and/ or allows us to adjust our own position so that social pressures or censures are lessened. The only down side to today is that, feeling as competent as we do, we may fail to heed our internal warning system, or our instincts, and so damage our cause.

Luminous yellow penguins, Prague 2010, Photo By Karelj – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9042601

Today’s word image is a penguin. I recently saw a cartoon where, in a vast sea of penguins, one goes up to another and, holding his flipper in midair, says, ‘I’m looking for my wife–have you seen her? About yeay high, black and white?’ What’s unique and special to us may be indistinguishable to others; keep that in mind today–it will help you avoid making assumptions in interaction.

The 12th we may receive some hard, hurtful reality checks–what we thought may not conform to What Is at all–but the good news is we see the problems with our reasoning, and we also see the best way to remedy things. The Full Moon in Virgo will follow in another post.

Today’s word image is a shopkeeper who resists selling his goods (we’re not talking about someone providing personal services, but an actual purveyor of physical items). I’ve seen this many times: someone who creates a place to sell things but doesn’t really want to let anything go–it’s more about creating a domain or kingdom and showing off what they possess. Awareness of what someone (including ourselves) wants to get out of a venture can be vital to dealing with others and circumstances successfully. This same scenario can apply to the way some people interact. What’s advertised ‘for sale’, in a sense, isn’t always what’s available–it’s the unacknowledged and unrecognized motives behind our choices that are actually on offer, every time.

For the 13th our motto, no matter who we are, might be ‘Lady Power!’ There’s strength in the feminine, in ‘being’ energies, in  the receptive. Also, Merc moves into Aries, bringing assertiveness in communications that can become aggression before we know it.

By User:LeonardoWeiss - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15876590

By User:LeonardoWeiss – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15876590

Today’s word image is a muddy rainbow. If your ideals, your dreams, your inspirations have become muddled with shadows, doubts, and negative influences, you need to set them aside and formulate new ones. Don’t feel badly about starting from scratch–damage to our vision is meant to prompt reevaluation–the image of the muddy rainbow suggests we’ve put off that assessment for too long.

The 14th we battle our own inner resistance to being held fully responsible for our choices and our lives. Anything that’s not flowing smoothly today signals matters ignored or denied, and a fear that if we accept our own power, we’ll then have to ‘walk our talk’. Wisdom and healing can be ours; the price is full acceptance of ourselves as the origin of our life picture.

Today’s word image is a book shelf where books are arranged by color, not by subject or alphabetically. The argument for arranging things this way is that the area where the shelf stands is changed in character by the arrangement of books; that the gradation of color across the spectrum integrates the books themselves more fully into their surroundings, and perhaps creates a more psychically calming atmosphere. What shift that appears irrelevant or even illogical, if implemented, would create greater harmony in your world?

On the 15th the challenge may be to respond at an instinctual level while not succumbing to negative patterns or old hurts. It may be a matter of animal impulses vs. those things that feel out of our control (and have the nature of an insult or even assault, to us) and so are prone to prompt our least effective responses. Stay calm, and be flexible about the Path you’re on–inflexibility about perceived life direction is the very thing that may spark the unthinking animal answer to external inputs.

Today’s word image is numbers. Pay attention to the numbers you are surrounded by today–if you’re an accountant, this may be an impossible task, but for everyone else, note prominent numbers, especially if they spark another association or response. Remember, numbers represent things, and so can be symbols eliciting all kinds of associations, just like anything else.

For the 16th, if we’re willing to utilize our most unique skills, those things we are gifted at (no matter how modest the function) then we can do some truly brilliant things. Today, the mind isn’t reliable–it may be irritated by its own methods, which feel too wordy or over-thought–so that we must rely on instinct, internal wisdom, what’s practical, and what’s healthy, in judging what to do.

From a 13th century Bestiary {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a crane holding a stone. This is a common symbol in heraldry, and suggests ‘Vigilance’, since the story goes that one crane stands watch over the flock at night, holding a stone, which it will drop, waking itself, should it fall asleep. What do you need to be vigilant about? And what already has in place an ‘early warning system’ that should let you relax?

Have a wonderful week!