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Who needs New Moon-light, when you’ve got such splooshy stars? Edvard Munch – ‘Starry Night’ (1922–24) {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 7:57 PM PDT at 7 Aries 37 of the 27th, and makes only a few contacts: a very wide (for a New Moon) conjunction to retrograde Venus, which is in fast retreat; a wide trine to Black Moon Lilith; a square to Hygeia; and we should note, though it’s technically unrelated to the NM, that Pallas is at 29 Pisces, suggesting a state of crisis, and likely one that involves delusions, spiritual matters, or one’s place in the Collective in a ‘all the Universe vs. me’ scenario, all this mattering as it applies to what’s smart, what’s wise, what’s practical.

A New Moon in Aries asks, ‘What will you do?’ or ‘What will you be?’; that is, ‘Who are you?’, bringing up issues of role, identity, and personal initiative. In this instance, the NM may give us the feeling that if we don’t act, or choose, we may lose Love or Money. We’re given aid by the way we have access, one way or another, to matters that have been hidden, denied, or ignored by ourselves or others; suddenly having the New Moon impetus to deal with what’s been avoided or put aside may reveal resources we didn’t know we had, may shape the landscape or offer justice, especially within one-to-one relationships, and may offer choices or the opportunity to act that restores balance, perhaps unexpectedly.

But what happens when that Universe balancing chance to right a wrong or attend to the ignored is influenced by an anxious sense of inner knowing, one that feels something must be done? Our health, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, suffers, probably because our attention is on the opportunity and spurred by our own anxiety, our wish to ‘be smart’ about the whole thing. Perhaps the Sabian can add something illuminating.

Portrait of Abigael Bromfield Rogers (1753-1791), step-niece of the artist. John Singleton Copley 1783 {{PD}}

‘A Large Woman’s Hat With Streamers Blown By An East Wind’. Hmm. A hat is a statement, one that covers our ‘thoughts’ and signals who we are, maybe even telling others of our role, function, or status. We could dissect the heck out of this, offering all kinds of minute meanings for each element, but I think that might defeat the point: the New Moon in Aries might be much like choosing a hat. In essence, we are donning an identity with the New Moon in Aries, asserting who we are–it’s no more complicated than that.