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No. 61 (Rust and Blue), 1953 Mark Rothko Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles Via Wikimedia Commons

Today, the 31st, it becomes a contest between our ambitions and goals and our need for power and exercise of the Will via the assistance, approval, and acceptance of others. We’ll try to find a balance that allows the most Self-expression and assertion while still keeping rewarding situations and relationships intact, and which side prevails (exerts more influence) depends on which you value more, cooperation or getting your way. The biggest issue may be, with Merc entering Taurus, that thoughts become overly cautious, plodding, or too materially-oriented, and this may especially frustrate those heavy in Air, or those Water types who find themselves awash in emotion, and stuck there.

Today’s word image is this: the concept, word, or essence of ‘indivisible’. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Is there something in your life, with which you are involved, that you cherish (or disdain), where there’s no daylight between you and that thing or person–and how do you feel about that inseparability? Do others sometimes confuse your essence with this other? Do you feel overwhelmed, vulnerable, or held back by this association? Or does this union somehow elevate you?

On the 1st the social order requires we adjust our need for personal authority so that there’s no conflict with what society demands from us–and that’s not something most of us will do willingly. Two things to navigate by: the past offers some subtly brilliant means and methods of dealing with the requests and requirements of others–use them–and listening to your inner voice of what’s wise and what’s practical will bring rewards and positives in excess of what we imagine, or even think possible.

Today’s word image is a pair of squabbling black birds. I can’t seem to get this picture out of my head. It suggests to me two alike entities in conflict, not recognizing their own likeness–and so not seeing the list of mutual interests they share, or the ways working together would benefit them–and so leads me to today’s Venus retro conjunction with Pallas, and in particular to Earth’s placement in Libra (not to mention Zeus and Jupiter together in Libra, emphasizing how ambitions get a boost, too), and all of it suggesting we find both wisdom and material benefits by calling up Venusian appreciation and cooperation.

On the 2nd we must accept changes to or the evolution of the power structure, to include the ways this impacts our own reach, territory, and prerogatives. Stick with your values and yet roll with the punches, looking for the ways these can be turned to your advantage. This calls for, as a previous President used to say, “strategery”, but with Venus entering Pisces at this point, we’ll know the worth of our dreams, delusions, relationships, and spiritual goals, so we can accurately assess shifts to life direction.

Sergey Vinogradov ‘Igraet’, 1914 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a piano. What’s your ‘musical instrument’, reading ‘musical’ to mean Self-expression?

For the 3rd it’s all about communication, specifically about resolving issues, persistent memories, or thought patterns from the past, in order to build a way forward. Once again, power is the centerpiece of what we ponder, consider, talk about, or argue over; just be aware that today each thought, communication, and exchange represents a step into the future.

Today’s word image is a frog on a lily pad. That image presents an entity in its ‘right environment’. Are you in your ‘right environment’?

The 4th entangles us in matters that test the true extent of our empowerment, the validity (for us) of our stated goals and ambitions, and denies us reward from expected or socially-sanctioned circles, only to offer it if we can follow our instincts in a healthy way. Action requires adjustment–nothing short of that will do.

Today’s word image is a silk rosette. That’s something that’s purely, indisputably decorative, with no useful function. How do you feel about things that are meant only to convey beauty? Your attitude toward the strictly decorative can reveal hiccups and blockages in your ability to receive pleasure, to enjoy the senses and Nature, and can interfere with the accuracy of perceptions by imposing judgments on others (for instance, judging negatively those who take time to adorn themselves, if you’re a get-up-and-go kind of person).


Two major astro ‘events’ fall on the 5th: Saturn stations retrograde late in the 27th degree of Sagittarius, and Mars perfects a neat trine to Pluto, both of which are direct. Here’s an edited something I wrote some time ago about what to expect from a Saturn shift in direction: “There are typically two kinds of response to a Saturn retrograde: one may feature the famous change to what we thought was solid and sure, basically a replacement of what was sure with what’s uncertain, or we may be freed-up from restrictions or containment–it can be a time of realizing that our reality is not bound in quite the way we thought it was. So, we can see either of these basic approaches (or both, as some people experience one internally, one externally). Will those ambitions and desires you’ve been working to solidify happen, or dissolve once and for all into dust? Will externals deny us, will support be withdrawn, will the rules suddenly become meaningless, will roadblocks fall, leaving the way open? Each of us must face whether we really are ready to get what we want, whether we are willing to work with or around restrictions and obstacles, and how seriously we wish to employ hard work, Self-discipline, and restraint, in order to achieve. Those matters are, really, the issues of the retrograde period.”

The first aspect Saturn makes in retro status will actually be one the Old Man receives, a square from retro Venus in Pisces, on the 8th. That suggests to me that what is removed (or conversely, what restriction is put in place) with the initial retro results (days later) in a difficult situation involving relationships, finances, and/ or matters of the Houses in the personal chart ruled by Venus. Add to this the Mars trine to Pluto, and we have a coinciding urge to act to change, transform, or destroy, probably concerning whatever it is that the retro first presented. That means, if the Saturn turnaround brought restriction, we’ll have the desire to do something to remove the obstacle, while if the Saturn retro lifted whatever had previously held us back (or manifested the results of our hard work), we’ll feel we have the power and effectiveness to move forward and implement our Will. In either case, it’s a brief period (approximately 5th-8th) when we’ll have the energy and focus to create change, overcome obstacles, or find another channel for our energies.

By User:Bye – Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=901690

Today’s word image is a ticket from a long-ago event. Are you sentimental, keeping reminders of experiences, do you take photos, or do you rely solely on memory? If you tend to accumulate keepsakes, when you come across them, do they still have the power to evoke the event? If they don’t, it’s time to clean house.

On the 6th we may find our sense of what’s wise or practical trying to find equilibrium with what’s needed to move forward into the future. The reality is, the future happens whether we take those steps we’ve planned or not, and in every case, we really have little control over the outcome of our plans, so make sure you do what you feel is wise, because that way, you’ll know you’ve done your best.

Today’s word image is not words, but this:

By Michael Jastremski – legacy.openphoto.net, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=218157

Have a wonderful week!