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‘Shaman’ 1930 Arman Manookian {{PD}}

I’ve added the answer to the Horary chart in the Horary article (scroll down or click here), in case you’re interested.

Friday the 19th there may be massive, literal finger-pointing over beliefs, facts, and disclosures, and though it gets ‘it’ out in the open, it’s not particularly healthy, in terms of the debilitating effects it has on everyone. We have a pounding Fist of God (Hygeia square Jupiter, apex the Sun) that suggests enlightenment will be brutal, and a tense T-square (Venus opp Jupiter, square Hygeia) that pits values, assets, and relationships against beliefs or facts–but which of the latter? In a best-case scenario, beliefs will be replaced by facts–that, at least, will make the discord worth going through, as it puts everyone on the same page, and removes a ‘wishful thinking’ element that’s contaminated Venusian areas for too long. Here’s the kicker, the key, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada: Mercury parallel Uranus tells us Higher Mind understanding, revolutions in thinking and reasoning, and revelatory information, is the result–truly a worthy and desirable outcome.

Today’s word image is a joke: cat walks into a bar, sits down, and orders a drink. The bartender puts a shot down in front of the cat, who reaches his paw out and swipes the glass off the bar and onto the floor. Then the cat says, ‘Gimme another’. Is there something we approach with a bit of swagger, certain in our actions, that appears confident and yet ends up being wasteful or silly? Are we even in the right place, placing the right ‘orders’, in the first place? Questions to ask ourselves today.

The 20th brings those with wisdom and those with empowered status into conflict. Are those qualities, wisdom and empowerment, necessarily always mutually exclusive? Of course not, but in this case, those seem to be the lines along which this particular confrontation will divide. Illusions about what’s healthy, or in how to achieve a functional state, abound, so it’s unlikely that, as the Sun enters Gemini, we will reach any workable conclusions–but we’ll sure think about things a lot.

Today’s word image is something red. Though things that are red will be noticed, there’ll be one thing in particular that stands out. What it is, and what it says, represents, or means to you, is what’s important.

The 21st brings unexpected harmony between the senses and the instincts–and so can lead to excellent responses and choices, when the mind doesn’t interfere and gum it all up. Our responses to relationships and financial situations will be right on; don’t forget tomorrow what you thought about someone, or some asset or money-related situation, today.

Today’s word image is a haircut. In symbolic terms, I see hair as representing thoughts. So, what does your choice of hair style say about you? Do you change the natural tendencies of your hair by adding product? Is your hair (and so your thinking) stiff and inflexible, does it curl tightly around on itself, is it limp or have you changed it by artificial means (dye or perming, perhaps)? What do you see being ‘shouted’ by the hair of those close to you? You may notice a surprising correlation between thinking ‘style’ and the way the hair is kept.

On the 22nd temper is a factor, at least in part because, consciously or not, we recognize that our reasoning at this time is clashing with our values. Don’t ignore this; have the courage to admit that what we want may actually violate our most important personal standards–and then let go of the desire. Nothing’s worth getting if it compromises our integrity.

There’s even a comic set on the Pacific trash heap itself. Image Comics, Joe Harris and Martin Marazzo (Fair Use)

Today’s word image is the great Pacific garbage mass, an accretion of discarded trash, junk, plastics, things sucked out to sea by tsunamis, and anything else that found its way to the water and doesn’t break down fairly quickly. We’ve been hearing about this for some time, the warnings dire and downright frightening, and there’s no disputing that this is a bad thing for the planet. But NOAA tells us the situation isn’t quite what we’ve been led to think. Consider that you may be viewing something in your world as hopelessly ‘polluted’, when in reality you can still change the course of things, still ‘clean it up’ and revitalize some vital component of your life. You can save it, if you really care; it’s not hopeless, after all.

The 23rd the sh*t hits the fan, as they say, with another Fist (Zeus-Juno, apex Sun) and another T-square (Venus opp Zeus, both square Juno) taking aim at our tender bits–and perhaps destroying our idea of what’s wise or practical in one fell swoop, or maybe re-shaping our inner wisdom or practical stance to be much more applicable in our current world (Pluto square Pallas). This Fist of God forces our attention to the way our ambitions and desires are at odds with our present empowerment scenario. We’ll see exactly how our status fails to bring us what we want–and presumably, we’ll see how to correct this. At the same time, though, we’ll be faced with the stress of the T-square, which pits ambitions against assets, or maybe relationships, and requires us, via Juno, to use what power we hold to work out a detente between two factors with each clearly seeing the other as a threat. The saving grace here, aside from the transformative power of Pluto that we will undergo, want it or not, is found in Mercury novile Chiron. This promises we will find a way to think about things that will ultimately be healing. When we look back, then, we’ll likely see today as rough but beneficial, possibly making one or more life areas much, much better.

Today’s word image is a husky, stranded on the median of a busy road. In this image the fact that this isn’t just a dog, but one that is most at home in the northern wilderness, and yet is found under stark, man-made circumstances, speaks of something close to Nature that is in a ‘foreign’ environment. What part of you is ‘made’ for something much more natural, for a more open or isolated setting, that has been forced into an unpleasant, even dangerous, situation?

The 24th we’re still wrestling with our own power situation and our ability to implement our wishes, but we see a few other factors become prominent: we’re stirred by both fear of being hurt in the future and a certain discord between reality and our instincts; we see that in some way getting what we want is out-of-step with our values, or endangers our relationships, or will cost, possibly more than we can bear; and we see highlighted those areas where we lack power, or the ways in which the current power structure denies us access or effectiveness. Today is simply a day to note what comes at us, to consider, formulate or fine-tune plans or approaches, and not to stress too much about where it’s all headed–we’re not nearly ‘there’ yet.

First known depiction of a Snowman from a Book of Hours, 1380, found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek, in The Hague {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a snowman! Who in your world is frozen, and is this keeping you from connecting, or does he use his frosty outsides to willingly isolate himself? Not all who are troubled need your help; sometimes they want barriers, want things to be this way.

The New Moon and general forecast for Thursday the 25th will follow in a separate post. Expect my explanation of the Horary chart tomorrow, the 19th. Many thanks to my readers! You are a lovely lot 🙂