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‘Idyll’ 1901 by Carl Larsson {{PD}}

Following on the New Moon in Cancer, we may feel on the 24th that we’re waking up from a fog, waking up to what’s dear, and we see (likely in an exaggerated form, to get butts moving) the dangers of destruction or loss. We may feel at odds with the social order, our own beliefs, or the facts, but we need to keep in mind that finding a way to get along is much healthier than being Willful or coming out swinging–either of those attitudes may create further obstacles to expansion, education, or getting ‘more’ that are not easily overcome. The good news is thinking is aligned with instinct and ‘deep within’ knowledge and this can guide choices into genius channels; be open to the ways communications and information can spark these smart answers.

By P Smith – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1598704

Today’s word image: a weather vane spins in the wind. Yes, we live in tumultuous times–but when have they not been? We’re all spinning, trying to adapt, feeling overwhelmed and disoriented–it’s not just you. It’s important to know it’s happening to everyone, that this state has always been and always will be more or less a constant (if you hold it, put your idea that things were more idyllic ‘back then’ to rest–it’s only a change in focus and awareness that makes now seem more disordered than then), and that your experience of it is not special in any way. Is it unusual for you? Yes, probably, but that doesn’t make it more unique than anyone else’s, or more intense. Don’t be vain (vane) in assessing what is essentially a state that our cultural and psychic ‘weather’ returns to rather frequently in the course of things. This should be reassuring; as it applies to the current situation, ‘This too shall pass.’

On the 25th we may meet obstacles to exercising our strengths and our Will; the way around this requires imagination and a creative approach, and maybe even an ideal-fueled refusal to acknowledge what’s in our way. Authorities, rules, and physical restrictions impede our progress, and how we think about these, especially how we choose to honor our own highest priorities, makes the difference between creative success and a move toward the ideal, or some unhealthy thinking that prefers the lie or the fantasy over reality.

U.S. nuclear test, 1954 {{PD}}

Today’s word image: an atomic bomb spills radiation everywhere. This is a man-made disaster, no question, and not even the biggest version of this possible; so what do we do, when we know better and continue the behaviors or practices anyway? Ask yourself how this applies to you–is there something you’re doing that’s destructive right down to the atomic level, that you’re with continuing in spite of awareness of its debilitating nature?

The 26th brings some consideration, even introspection, centered on what’s smart in terms of the material situation, and especially regarding shared assets, comforts, and the stability of financial matters. If you think you are disempowered, you are; reality follows thought in this matter. Angry? Use of practical skills will exorcise that demon.

‘Yamai no Soshi – (Man with Loose Teeth)’ Artist Unknown – http://www.emuseum.jp/detail/100995 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a grown man who loses a tooth. This image presents a situation of childhood, that is unexpected, if not inappropriate, for an adult to undergo. What thing are you losing that you shouldn’t be? What mistreatment has caused a loss? Is this in actuality something that should’ve been gone a long, long time ago? Or are you experiencing right now something that normally happens to a child–and how do you feel about that? Are you losing your ‘milk teeth’ in some regard, signalling you’re ‘all grown up’ in some area or at a mature level in exercising some skill?

What we do today, the 27th, shapes the future through negatives; it somehow fosters anger, outrage, or foments a kind of rebellion that says, ‘We won’t take this, anymore!’ This can be a very positive thing, if we are willing to see the whole picture, not just the parts that upset us. Too, if we are braced to go against the social order or its beliefs or expectations, we can access a high level of creative thinking. Instincts are right on the mark and bolster our ‘Best Self’, as long as we are willing to tailor efforts along a line that’s truly natural for us.

By Betsypicks – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Today’s word image is a nest, thought abandoned, suddenly holds three blue eggs and the feathery wisps that indicate active parents nearby. Did you think that something that used to bring you great comfort (the nest) was all over? It’s not–look for it to start anew, very soon.

On the 28th our strength, especially to negotiate or to work our Will, comes from our past. What we learned there is of real value, but in order to take advantage of this, we must adjust our own boundaries or the reality picture itself, and we must set a limit that recognizes when our pursuit has gone too far and isn’t healthy. Special note: Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer, quincunxes Black Moon Lilith, and noviles the North Node=actions, plans, and choices can be especially effective right now if we truly care, but there’s also the danger that we or others could be destructive and aggressive if we are influenced by suppressed rage generated by issues we’ve buried, ignored, or denied. In any case, what happens today shapes the future in some surprisingly deft ways.

Today’s word image is: an individual, after many years, finally sees a favorite painting in person. This suggests a long awaited and very satisfying, highly personal event, significant only to you. Take a moment to enjoy it, when it comes or is achieved.

The 29th beware of bullies–but also be willing to exercise your own rightful power, and to acknowledge others’ rights, as well. It’s a tough line to draw, but you’ll know if you (or another) has crossed it instinctually. There may be a lot of tough talk centered on who holds power, and who will allow, support, or block others’ ambition fulfillment. You know what’s healthy, and what’s warped–respect your judgment, and withdraw the moment things get abusive.

Today’s word image is a clear glass bottle, turned purple after years in the desert sun. What thing has revealed some startling and beautiful ‘colors’ after some brutal ordeal or scrutiny? Is this you, after life’s trials, now beginning to show your best, most refined (Royal purple) colors? Good on you, as they say 🙂

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