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The Temple of Vesta, by Willem van Nieulandt II 1613 {{PD}}

Are we being contrary just to feel independent, or do we actually fear losing something dear to us? Answer that question, for yourself and everyone you interact with, and you’ll have today’s energies clearly delineated.

Focus on: Vesta enters Virgo and parallels Mercury. This draws a portrait of values, priorities, and commitments under scrutiny–we think about what, where, and to whom we’ve dedicated our life energy–and we undergo a period of critical thinking that may lead to an accounting of what truly matters, and how, in the big, Cosmic sense, we want to go forward.

Illustration from “The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby” by Charles Kingsley, illustrated by Warwick Goble {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a swarm of dragonflies criss-crossing a meadow under the summer sun. Around here we usually only see one or two at a time, so a large number at once is noteworthy. I think we must split this symbol into two possible interpretations: for those who have a personal association with these little winged dragons, that will be the focus, while for everyone else, they may serve as a time marker (a moment when summer and its meaning are undeniable), a reminder of the strange delicacy of nature, or a hint at the idea of a swarm, where something is oh-so-gently being overrun in the life.