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Three Women by Umberto Boccioni, 1910 {{PD}}

Somehow I managed to talk all around the Neptune conjunction with the Full Moon–I was thinking about it, but not naming names! Now it’s in there. The Full Moon culminates at 2:46 AM Pacific time at 13 Pisces 53, conjoined ruler Neptune (though past perfection to it). The FM sextiles Pallas, quincunxes Venus, semi-sextiles Uranus, and quindeciles (165 degrees) the just-direct Mercury. We skip a potential sextile to Pluto, as it’s a little too far for this contact, just over three degrees difference. The Moon in Pisces is receptive, open to the Universe, and it’s triply so conjoined ruler Neptune; this makes for a potent result that carries the essence of the creative, the imaginative, the ideal, or the illusive, with the latter suggesting we might not get a handle on the FM until it’s well past perfection. A Full Moon presents conclusions or fulfillment; in this case we may see an end to, a resolution of, or a fulfillment of a dream, ideal, or deception. It may or may not be stressful in a minor way, with its biggest immediate impact an empty space where that Piscean element, now resolved, used to be.

The aspects show us the wisdom of whatever comes to an end (that is, that it’s smart for things to conclude now, possibly so that we may free up creative energy); they also suggest that whatever occurs may happen suddenly, an in-the-moment surprise or revelation, spurring some sort of difficulty, a need to adjust ourselves or our attitudes in matters of relationship or finances. Most compelling, though, may be a Full Moon urge to communicate, whether that is advisable or not. There is something we will feel an overwhelming desire to convey to others, verbally or otherwise, and this may be ‘dressed up’ in fanciful ways, as Art, or may be camouflaged so that the communicator (because of course, everyone will be subject to this urge, in one form or another) sends the message without claiming the energy, or drawing attention back on themselves. You always have to watch out for the quiet ones, don’t you?

The Sabian for this FM is, ‘A Lady Wrapped In A Large Stole Of Fox Fur’. At the time this symbol was formulated, it was quite fashionable to wear animal fur; now it’s anything but, despite a small contingent of those who cling to old values. In terms of the Full Moon, this may suggest that what concludes at this time does so because it’s ‘out of fashion’–this is, because the time for such a dream, ideal, or deception is past. And it’s not just passé, it’s actually offensive to some, as we evolve toward a more and more respectful treatment of our fellow animals. The Sabian tells us that, no matter how we perceive and process the ending brought about by this Moon, we must see that it’s all for the good, that it’s helping us shed old, no-longer-desirable attitudes, that it’s freeing us from ideas that may be nothing so much as cruel.

For a Full Moon we also look at the Sun, the provider of energy and light, and we see this Sabian: ‘An Aristocratic Family Tree’. This suggests that the elimination or conclusion brought by the FM is ennobling, that it harks back to the finer qualities of human beings as a species, and that in fact it may originate with this idea; each of us connects to something within that is fine, and that shows us the wisdom of this Full Moon ending. It also spurs us to ask ourselves what we will allow to fill the Piscean space this conclusion creates. It’s a period when we communicate who we are in our noblest form, and we tap ourselves for new creative or idealistic material that is original, that could only come from the individual celebrated and honored for all that’s best within.