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Our explorations will give us power, rather than take it away. William Blake,’The Casting of the Rebel Angels into Hell’ {{PD}}

We see and know clearly the smart thing to do–so why are we resisting? It’s a clever plot by the rebel within, that headstrong part of us that acts out when the conscious mind can’t justify what we really need to do. Disruption of relationships and/ or the financial picture (including income streams) is slated, but what we need to know is that in upsetting the current scenario we are actually upholding our highest values–we are in essence defending ourselves, even though it’s more likely to feel like (and be responded to as) us being needlessly rebellious. Note who is accepting of our choices, even if that acceptance is reluctant, and who tries to argue (or even bully) us out of it; look deeper–the one who wants to separate us from our initiative has his or her own, Self-centered reasons for doing so.


Today’s word image is Jupiter. I’ve seen the planet/ god mentioned at least a half dozen times in the past three days outside an astrological context, once even as the name of some business, and it was impossible to figure out what the business was! Hidden by this BML contact, no doubt 🙂 As of the 6th, Jupiter’s closest aspects are an approaching sextile to Black Moon Lilith in Sag and a separating Cardinal square to Ceres in Cancer. This may suggest that our efforts to expand, to learn, to believe, and/ or gather the facts requires acceptance of and exploration of those matters that enrage us, or that we’ve been ignoring or denying–and that this effort springs from previous conflict with authorities or Nature, and that these could affect the health or our own autonomy. This refers to a specific situation, one that asks us to deal with what we’d rather not, born out of some frustration or challenge to our autonomy–and in responding, we’ll see where we can be god-like, where we can effectively exert our Jupiterian Will.

Full Moon post to follow!