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The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 11:39 AM Pacific time of the 5th at 12 Aries 43, and falls at the midpoint of Neptune-Pallas, and opposed Mercury (which, along with the Sun, is apex to a Finger with base consisting of Neptune-Pallas). The fact that the Full Moon falls in a sign known for its singular viewpoint suggests we’ll have an especially ‘alone’ feeling with this event, even more so because of the build-up in Libra, as if others are ‘facing’ us and considering (even judging) our choices, actions, and ‘fitness to lead’, even if that applies only to leading our own lives. Our thoughts will be the result of combining our spiritual ideals and our inner wisdom, practicality, and skills, and this means that we can learn the most from stepping back and observing our own minds, seeing how well (or poorly) we are able to make our ideals an active part of our lives–and this all occurs in the context of a culmination of emotional and intuitive energy that is Self-oriented, as it faces feedback from ‘the Other’, the audience, even from those who specifically dislike us (the build-up in Libra, which includes the source of all energy, the Sun). The natural outcome of this may be that we are experiencing inner revelations even as we are dealing with less-than-pleasant externals–and all of it meant to show us what within us and within our lives that is Aries-natured is at an end, or has gone as far as it can go.

Not in aspect to the Full Moon, but significant, together with only three minutes variation at the time of Lunar culmination, Venus and Mars sit at 19 Virgo, watching and evaluating it all. In my mind they represent a secondary faction relative to the FM event: they are those not engulfed in FM action, but off to the side, critiquing and commenting. They are an audience, a very Libran thing–and so drawing attention to the line-up there, which includes, between 8 and 28 degrees Libra, Vesta, Mercury (current ruler of Venus and Mars, with Merc-Venus in mutual reception, and Merc involved in the FM picture), the Sun, Zeus, and Jupiter.

This places a lot of ‘weight’ on our relationships and particularly on the way we function as an individual within them; that is, we’ll see ourselves as both separate from and entangled with others, with emphasis on our aloneness, our choices, and our potential for being ‘the leader’ within the interaction. If you are lonely, this Full Moon may highlight that, and if you feel regarded, judged, observed and assessed by others, this too may be highlighted, with the Full Moon assisting you in drawing conclusions, especially concerning how much you will or will not engage in partnership, acceptance, or intimacy in the future. This Lunar event offers the chance to establish a Self-image harmonious to the emotional reality, and it’s only natural that this involves at least some decisions made in the context of current relationships.

How much change can we expect from this? Little to none, it seems, at least that will show on the surface; the Sabian is, ‘An Unexploded Bomb Reveals An Unsuccessful Social Protest’, suggesting that we may try to ‘blow it all up’ in protest of our social role, responsibilities, or treatment, only to find it doesn’t work! This may be a very good thing, as our actions could reveal the true feelings of others: do they care how we feel? do they respond to our distress? do they agree with what we feel are injustices, or do they just look away, and hope we’ll continue in our role? Or, we could be the recipient of ‘a bomb’ that startles but has little effect on the social landscape. The idea is one of energy that is not successfully deployed–and that this potentially explosive scenario is justified by social conditions–and that may or may not be valid reasoning for attempting to ‘explode’ the current reality picture.

By Basile Morin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62520604

The Sabian for the Sun may give us the final piece to this puzzle: ‘Children Blowing Soap Bubbles’. So, are we seeing ineffectual expression, in the sense that it is perhaps disguised as someone declaring they are care-free, presented as a cry for freedom or creativity, even an elaborate ‘game’ designed to make us jump or distract us? Or are we alerted to this within ourselves? In any case, the situation presented will not be a situation to take too seriously–although if it’s an attempt on our part to express a sense of injustice or a desire for change in our role, what we need to see is that the approach that might seem smart at the time of the Full Moon may not be effective, and/ or may not be taken seriously by others.

Whether we are lobbing the firecrackers, or they’re being lobbed at us, the reality is that this will be a period of communication centered on needs and powerand this may explain why things are addressed obliquely, perhaps dressed up as something else, or that actions are meant as a cry for attention or to address a state of emotional need and want. We’ll need to listen for the unspoken message, look at the symbolism, observe what’s done and what’s not done, what’s said and what’s never uttered–and then choose who we are, and how we will communicate our needs, from there.

Also of note: we’re on the verge of the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (the 8th); that will help thoughts coalesce, make messaging clear, and will show us what, inevitably, will be changing, after all (T-square Sun-Merc opp Earth all square Pluto).