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By W.carter – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52136108

When I first posted this I didn’t have any one image that I thought would apply to the whole week, but one found me very soon thereafter. I was walking in the woods, out where there was nothing man-made but a slim trail, and suddenly I looked ahead and to the right, and there was an enormous cedar tree, at the base of which sat a gleaming white plaster death mask. I say ‘death mask’ as there were no nostril openings through which a living person would breath while having a mask made.

This was startling, and eerie; I could’ve easily walked by and not even seen it–but once seen, I couldn’t look away. We had left the house without the phone (something we never do) so I was unable to take a picture. What was it doing in the middle of a forest, almost hidden and yet in plain sight? At first I thought it was an art piece, something remarkable for those who ventured into the woods, a kind of reward or surprise: look! Something you never expected.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it may be a memorial, made to honor someone who loved the forest; maybe in it’s own way it represents the living returning the spirit of someone no longer here to a wild state. Happening so close to my birthday it made me think about my death day. Maybe it’s a reminder that we will be leaving something behind, and maybe we should be as mindful as possible about what that is.

Update 9 October: we went back to that forest, followed the same path, and got a pic of the mask (which may be more like an entire head!) where it sits at the base of a big tree.

Just thought I’d pop in with a few points about this week. Sunday, the 8th, is the day to get ‘it’ done–real-world efforts can see solid progress that builds the future–and work done today plants the seed for new growth which likely springs from matters ended or conclusions drawn at the recent Full Moon. Neither finances nor relationships offer the kind of support we need, and perceptions may be fogged by guilt, a regrettable past, or something we are in denial of; that’s why aiming for, acting for, and keeping an eye on what we want the future to be is so important now.

On the 9th we may witness the transformative or destructive power of words and thoughts; realize that one must create détente between the values and obligations, and what we know to be practical and wise, if things are to work out today.

The 10th Jupiter enters Scorpio and we are alight with our ambitions and goals. This makes for an atmosphere where we may feel opportunity requires excavation–but in reality we would do better to recognize that there are things we just don’t know, and perhaps should reach out and learn the details before wielding a shovel. Make sure choices and actions aren’t sourced from hurt feelings or a need for revenge–those things may motivate, but what they make us do or accept is decidedly unwise.

Here’s a little more info on Jupiter in Scorpio–

On the 11th it feels like we’re running into a brick wall at every turn–but in reality we’re being required to access intuition and deep knowing (the kind where we ‘know but don’t know’), and find the worth in those matters that offend or enrage, or that we currently ignore or deny. Wading in and dealing with difficult or unpleasant areas shows us the way to make progress.

For the 12th I suggest doing what’s healthy, and being absolutely honest with yourself. Accept no delusions, in anyone’s thinking.

The 13th may be a very odd day, in that circumstances and even personalities seem to shape-shift repeatedly. Mine relationships to both understand hurt (your own and others’) and access skills (yours).

On the 14th Venus enters Libra and we must, I mean must, adjust thinking away from the inclination to criticize, cause hurt, or deny instincts. Relationships show up fresh in the psychic equivalent of a new suit–appreciate that this allows petty or irrelevant issues to fall away.

Have a wonderful week!