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Artist Unknown c1910 {{PD}}

Today, the 31st, and tomorrow, the 1st of November, we hit a point in the yearly cycle when the Veil Between Worlds is thinnest. You can feel it, can’t you? (I note here that this applies to the Northern Hemisphere–I’d love to hear from those in the Southern who can tell me if that thinning Veil follows autumn, or is hooked to this point in the year, despite it being spring there). It’s a spooky time; the past is more alive than the present, and we see it reflected in the aspects for these two days, notably in the Sun’s parallel to the South Node point, then semi-square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Chiron. This involves a turning away from reality, and a difficult relationship to our own wounds or even to those we’re causing in others; the tendency may be to justify ourselves and our injuries with contorted logic. This sets us up to lash out and believe (at least temporarily) in ways that are contrary to what we know to be wise, empowering, or practical (Jup opp Pallas, Nep qnx Ceres, Mars sesq SN). Part of the pressure is unavoidable, as we build toward a Full Moon, but the rest of it can be managed, if we’re willing to take a step back.

There are ways to alleviate what surely will be distressing if it goes unchecked. Look to the future and what you want to see there, and refuse to be intimidated by past hurts (Venus sxt NN, Sun sesq Chiron); if you do, by the 1st, you’ll be thinking like a healer, embracing your beliefs and firmly rejecting acting from wounds, all of which have the benefit of aiding goals and ambitions and helping us sort out and eliminate unconscious influences (Merc trine Chiron, Mars contra-parallel Chiron, Venus conj Vesta and parallel Zeus, Vesta contra-parallel Sedna).

Today and tomorrow’s word image is an old, destructive habit that threatens to rear its ugly head and send things, especially relationships, seriously off track. You know what I’m talking about, and you know what to do.

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