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This painting is like a memory, that perfect moment before the girls each went her own way, and ‘something happened’. Carl Vilhelm Meyer – ‘Landsbyens tre Gratier’ 1919 {{PD}}

Today we might feel haunted, by the disorienting push of change, by fears, by what lies deep and dark within us or out in the world, by something that lingers and stirs us at a primal level. We worry about our health–is that cough serious? was that lump there yesterday?–and this can’t help but influence our choices and actions, as we try to find balance in what seems to be a thoroughly capricious atmosphere. There is one direction we can take that will be rewarding: pursue ambitions and desires, particularly if they involve relationships, aesthetics, or assets. Pour your energy into those, and you won’t have time to contemplate the deep-dark, or dissipate forward motion with fear.

Oooh! Modern. 1972-73 model. Courtesy: LabguysWorld.com, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8135558

Today’s word image is an iPhone, and all other iterations of a mobile phone. A phone can represent information coming at us, which we can choose to be open to (‘answer the call’) or not. Have you ‘answered the call’, and if so, what have you done to make use of the information, and if not, what has made you ‘reject’ the call?

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