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The 20th, like so many other days recently, holds a special, sparkly-magic kick, if we can only get out of our own way to use and enjoy it! The viewpoint offered by our creative imagination and/ or our ideals opens up myriad possibilities to exercise our prerogatives and make a significant impact on our own lives–the limits hinge on our ability to imagine ourselves in power (Neptune nov Juno)–and we gain, earn, or benefit through optimism, reaching out through publication, teaching, or broadcasting functions, or through the largesse of the social sphere (Venus nov Jupiter). The hitch, that stumbling block we may be tempted to place at our own feet, concerns the wound scenario, particularly within relationships or financial situations (Venus sq Chiron). To combat the urge to Self-sabotage, we must fully and without reservation embrace our most unique qualities, the things that make us so precisely who we are (Venus trine Uranus). Do that, and we can count on surprises and revelations that bring reward.

John Singer Sargent – ‘The Birthday Party’ 1886 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a reflection of that Venus-Uranus trine and the Venus novile to Jupiter: a household prepares for a birthday party. What’s a birthday party but a celebration of an individual’s uniqueness? The world just wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of each and every one of us; be aware of that today, as the idea that individual Beingness itself is worthy (and so worth celebrating) may be a good thing to remember. The reward that comes from recognizing each unique contribution may surprise you.