By Nicodemusgold – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Here’s my New Year’s wish for every one of you: that you make no resolutions for 2018. Here’s why: we must stop seeing ourselves as ‘works in progress’ and start treating ourselves as if we are already adequate to do whatever we dream of, to face whatever we need to. There’s no need to gather courage, resolve to be better in some way, to put off living and doing, or try to ‘clean up’ some area of your life. Perfection is not a goal, it’s an artificial (and static) state, so stop yearning for it; it only prompts judgment, guilt, suffering, and ultimately, rejection of ourselves. We are not perfect, and never will be, but we are perfectly lovable the way we are–so love yourself, be open to receiving love from others, and have a wonderful 2018! Thus endeth the homily 🙂

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