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Bühnenbild bei Vollmond “Eine Nacht in Venedig” (2015) Photo By SFM2016 – Own work CC BY-SA 4.0

The social order or opportunities themselves spell trouble for those who hold authority or responsibility (Jupiter sq Ceres), those powered by ego or aggression or sheer Will find themselves at a point of reckoning (Mars sq Nodal axis), and relationships and/ or finances are fired in the crucible of instinct and the effects of the ‘blind spot’ on choices and commitments (Venus sesq Sedna)–and all of it, along with the Uranus Direction in Aries, spells, if not outright revolution, then a riotous response by the individual to the world at large.

But as always, we need to focus our attention on what’s working, what can help us handle the pressure and potential disorientation delivered by the above aspects. Our assets include the ability to formulate clear plans and receive sharp insight related to our goals (Mercury sxt Zeus) and we muster the imagination, creative ability, and spiritual understanding to handle what comes (Sun sxt Neptune). All in all, a disruptive and even exciting set of influences that we are more than up to handling, as long as we keep our heads and refuse to succumb to Self-imposed confusion or fear.

Another word about the Uranus Direction: Vesta sits quincunx the planet upon direction, so that if you have a natal placement at 23-26 Virgo, the direction promises to provide a turnaround, an answer, a revelation to a question or conundrum concerning commitments and values framed through their interaction with the natal energy.

Everybody can expect a little chaos, especially of the reactive or emotional variety; though the revolution seems to be enacted without, it’s a true indicator of upheaval and changes within.

Today’s word image is: a hair stylist who creates a hair dye that changes color repeatedly after application. Fun, right? As a message, it suggests the ‘coloring’ of thoughts in some way that continues to change. Have we adopted beliefs or mental stances that, out of necessity or even fickleness, keep morphing? Does that make them more useful, or is the adoption of such thinking an add-on, that is, not natural to you? And was this mode of thinking possibly originally adopted out of rebellion, an urge to be seen as unique? If so, do you need such externals anymore just to prove your individuality to yourself? Or do you simply enjoy playing with your image?