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Talbot Hughes ‘Echo’ 1900 {{PD}}

Influences today are oblique, coming at us sideways, so to speak, and echoing instinctive knowledge, what we know but haven’t recognized (info carried in the ‘blind spot’), or the past and what it has taught us (Neptune semi-sq Pallas, Mercury qnx Sedna and paralled by the Sun). How successfully do we handle this? It may all depend on our relationship to various women in our lives, or to the anima spirit within or without, or to the financial reality and arrangements, as these challenge our personal autonomy and right to choose for ourselves (Venus qnx Ceres). The information we need is evident, right in front of us, and it’s up to us to ‘read reality’, and combine it with highest values as applied to matters we’ve ignored or that have enraged us (Vesta nov Black Moon Lilith). A successful reading of What Is, plus a vetting against values and what we’d rather ignore, promises we’ll find our answers, or at least what we’re looking for in the moment as it applies to our priorities and commitments, and that what comes forward as needing to be acted upon has a touch of genius, giving the whole thing a satisfying and inspired feeling.

By the way, the asteroid Echo is at approximately 15 Scorpio 56 today, making it still conjoined Mars and Jupiter, square Ceres and the Nodal axis, and sextile Sun and Venus, and tying it firmly into today’s picture–but was it necessary to look up this object, to get the ‘message’ or sense of ‘Echo’? No–I only looked after having written this post. This is a great example of how we don’t need more minor bodies in order to see what’s happening, we just need to be well acquainted with potentials for what we do examine daily. The essence will come through, with minor bodies acting to reinforce one’s perceptions, or sometimes to pinpoint something the meaning of which would otherwise remain diffuse.

Special notes: if you have a natal placement at 15-18 Gemini, you’re on the receiving end of a Finger of God, the apex of which is the natal placement. This promises action characteristic of your Soul and purpose, performed in Love, that broadens outlook or potentials, via the natal energy or the House matters it rules. If you have something at 14-17 Taurus then you’re looking at a Grand Cross with the natal energy as one arm; expect reflections of the past to echo through decisions about life direction and power expression, involving the natal placement or the House it rules, if any.

Today’s word image is a man in a ladies pant suit. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, really, though the issue may be one of fit; the proportions will be off, as will the tailoring to curves that don’t exist in the wearer. What in your life is ill-fitting, not from being the wrong thing, but from the attempt to apply a set of suppositions that are not cut for the situation?

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