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‘The Church at Volendam’ By Elizabeth Nourse c1910 {{PD}}

We feel such a light inside, such a sense of harmony with our own essence, that it’s kind of remarkable how we passive-aggressively resist authority, and how we speak in spontaneous and original ways that could spark real conflict. The best approach may be to enjoy our own light and warmth, and to honor it; it may be that bowing to others today, or restraining ourselves within socially acceptable limits, could bring out the rebel in us, whether we actually dislike cooperating or not (though take note: it could be an excellent day to earn or influence by exerting your charm). There’s nothing less productive or less kind than needless revolt; go ahead and bask in your own sun, even as you must refuse to see the existence of or assertions of others as automatically encroaching on your liberty (Venus opp Ceres, Sun parallel Venus, Merc sq Uranus).

Drake Brookshaw, Artist, ARP (Air Raid Precautions) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is an ambulance arriving at a non-emergency. Does this suggest someone is overdoing it, or responding as if the situation is critical when it’s not? Is this an image of panic, alarm, or over preparedness? Or is this about being equipped to handle the worst, and remaining responsive and ready? It may be a prompt to measure both our preparedness and our propensity to treat mundane circumstances as emergencies, and adjust according to what we find.