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Paul Gauguin {{PD}}

Yes, we’re on the verge of an eclipse, and we all feel it, one way or another: the tidal pull of Earth’s only natural satellite plucks at the oceans of our own bodies, putting internal pressure on past hurts, primal wounds, relationships, and makes us hyper-aware of the repercussions of our own actions. It’s smart to pay attention to those things we might normally dismiss or gloss over; it’s also smart to listen to instinct, and that ‘still, small voice within,’ as Edgar Cayce used to say. Giving attention to both will inform our thinking and reasoning, and that’s really what’s needed: an openness to what hasn’t been said, to what we and others are considering doing. Laying open the pathways between the unseen and the assumed, the thoughts and prior wounds, and the ego and what we’re denying or angered over will give us a more than modest advantage over those who proceed as if the surface is all (Juno nov and Mars parallel Black Moon Lilith, Chiron sxt Sedna, Venus nov and the Sun semi-sq Chiron)

Today’s word image a room where it’s snowing inside. Look for the obvious incongruity, the misplaced activity or element, even the nonsense part of the situation, and don’t just nod and accept it–challenge it.