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Winslow Homer – ‘West Wind’ 1890 {{PD}}

When I look at the factors active this coming week, I get the sense of being just a little bit clobbered! Maybe that’s too extreme; maybe it’s more like being bandied about, buffeted by winds, but the feeling is one of being pummeled. It’s as if no matter what form those energies take, even when they are positive ones, it seems they may exact a physical toll, on our bodies, our resources, our emotions, our health, our environment.

I don’t mean to overstate this. Things start out rough, then we’re shown the positives (while still being aware of a threatening undertone), and then, with adjustment, things are good–and then without warning we’re adrift (probably wondering what happened), then we’re hit with the hammer, and must limp off to recover–and that all happens by end of day Sunday, the 6th.

Day-by-day is definitely the only way to take this, with a fresh ‘gird your loins!’ sort of attitude each day. That means that positive events and experiences will offer relief, a respite from tension–but they won’t do away with challenges, or the onslaught of what may, from time to time, seem almost overwhelming.

Monday the 30th starts with us thinking we can iron-man our way through anything; soon enough we learn that strong-arming things, or even insisting on our own way, isn’t necessarily the healthiest course. Then our attention will be drawn, repeatedly, to the ways in which we don’t own our power, and to the ways in which we are at the mercy of the current life direction (the cumulative total of all our previous choices)–but, though it may not appear to, this offers a chance to heal some persistent, power-related wound we currently carry, if we’ll only let down our barriers and admit the possibility (Sun sq Nodal axis and Ceres, and nov Chiron, Juno contra-parallel Hygeia)

Today’s word image is a lawn mower that won’t start, and can’t seem to be repaired. What are you holding back on, refusing to ‘start up’, or refusing to put your energy into–and it’s something that needs doing, and which you theoretically want to move forward with. It may seem ultra-mundane, this thing you’re withholding yourself from, it may even seem inconsequential–but it’s not. You can’t see the implications yet, can’t view what will be affected by it. Ask yourself what you’re getting out of not going forward, and what you might miss if this continues–because your conscious mind needs to get real clear on what you’re up to.

I am such an antique that they were still having May Poles on the 1st when I was small (Please note: Not an actual picture of me dancing round the May Pole). Playgrounds, May Day. ‘May pole dance’ 1923 Harris & Ewing, photographers {{PD}}

Tuesday the 1st of May (May Day!) dawns, and it feels like we’ve learned something from yesterday’s power issues–the problem, though, is that we don’t know how to think of things, or what to do to make those revelations reality! This may require a little trial and error, and perhaps a dose of faith, the kind that trusts the Soul to guide us, bypassing the objections and rationalizations our minds might put forth in an attempt to keep the status quo firmly in place. So, a day when our Higher Self knows, and we’d be smart to accept this. Also note that negativity or active power struggles can damage all levels of our well-being (Pluto sxt Hygeia, Jupiter sxt Black Moon Lilith, Venus qnx Saturn, and contra-parallel and sesq Mars, Mercury contra-parallel Pallas)

Today’s word image is a red balloon among a bunch of orange ones. It’s a sign, a signal, a prompt to notice the one that doesn’t match/ fit.

Wednesday the 2nd brings a sea-change; suddenly where we met resistance before, we find the way smooth, and we gain or benefit, even as what aids us may be unfamiliar, from a quarter we never anticipated, and may make us somehow uncomfortable. The very ease with which things roll out could shake us up. Accept all the positives for what they are (don’t extrapolate that anything more will follow, or that this has changed circumstances or relationships in any way), roll with them, and accept that they are valid in the moment–and that moment may not last very long. Can be a weird, disorienting, one off of a day–best to treat it that way (Pallas trine Zeus, Jupiter qnx Pallas, Venus trine SN and nov Uranus, Merc parallel Chiron, Sun nov Juno)

Today’s word image is: someone keeps trying to cut you in on their manufactured drama. You have permission from the wider Universe to say ‘no’ to that, but if you don’t, you’ll have to admit you’re at least supporting it, if not an actual part of it.

‘A Path in the Woods’ By Camille Pissarro 1903 {{PD}}

Thursday the 3rd the good vibes continue–but in completely different ways than yesterday! ‘Lucky’ areas that were not on the menu on the 2nd come forward today, and once again, it’s the briefest of positive runs from which we should draw no lasting conclusions. Trust the unconscious–it knows the way (Pallas qnx Black Moon Lilith, Venus sxt Ceres, Merc nov Sedna)

The 4th we are unmoored–from the familiar, from beliefs, from the facts, and somehow alienated from our own conscious Beingness. Our attention may go too much toward what’s not working, or what we’re being denied–our real focus should be the way we feel–it’s our anchor, right now (Sun contra-parallel Jupiter)

Today’s word image isn’t exactly an image, it’s this: are you the kind of person who searches out answers, looks for what they need, gives things a try, before you ask someone else, or are you that person who asks others to look or try it or do it for you, without making any effort? One has the attitude that those who surround her exist only to serve her, while the other is resourceful and pitches in to be a positive (and often Self-actualizing) force–so, which are you?

Saturday the 5th we wake up to a heated energy cat-fight, the tumult filling the air with the most disturbing electricity. What can we do? Don’t trust our own minds–reasoning is off as we’re too prone to fudge the facts, ignore our own part in things, and/ or see our ambitions as impossible–and don’t trust the messages we get from others, who are suffering their own short-circuit. A big part of choosing and acting effectively today rests on trust in our own beliefs; a calm and sure-footed faith in ourselves will be behind every productive assertion and effort we make. Expect partners to give you a hard time, and teachers to be less than supportive–these people will especially suffer from an inward-turning gaze (Jupiter sesq Juno, Merc sq BML, opp Zeus, and qnx Jupiter)

A mint julep, served in the traditional silver cup, at Revel in New Orleans. Photo By Jami430 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59224029

Today’s word image is a mint julep in honor of the Kentucky Derby.We’re talking frivolous but enjoyable tradition, here–what’s your long time celebration, meant to ease the pains of the day, or to mark a particular season or event?

By Sunday the 6th of May we are wondering if anyone got the number of the truck that hit us this week. The results of our experience will be something like this: our ability to weigh what’s smart and what will empower us is radically out of whack; what we’ve seen this week has removed or proved how untenable our previous notions of what’s effective, what’s wise, what’s worth doing–and that leaves us not really knowing what we care about, or what rewards or relationships to pursue. The answer is twofold: Love yourself, just as you are, and do it fiercely–don’t let any doubt or nagging negativity in, and use your imagination, and your ideals, to set (or re-set) paths, goals, and what’s possible. We’re living on a new wavelength–time to get with the program, and make it work for you (Pallas contra-parallel Juno, Pluto qnx Pallas, Venus semi-sq Uranus, Sun semi-sq Chiron and sxt Neptune)

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