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“A Roman Studio’ By Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1873 {{PD}}

Capricorn rising may come across as all business, totally serious, and really, no fun—but that wouldn’t be right for us to see him that way at all. Though the agile goat meets new situations this way, he can quickly adapt his attitude to whatever will get things done—and if that means he must socialize, clown around, risk it all, or declare his love from the rooftops, he will do just that. ‘Practical’ is the word for this rising sign, however that might be defined in any particular situation. To see this Earth placement as lacking in flexibility would be wrong—and yet, if given a choice, Cap at the very least wants things contained, restrained, and with any luck, by the book. He can’t help it, really: Capricorn rising is about two things, achievement and security as the way to meet the world, and he does everything with that in mind.

Cappy’s childhood environment in some way gave her the message that ‘serious’ is the only attitude to have. It may have been that children were expected to be miniature adults, or it may have been a case where the irresponsibility of the caretakers put the burden of filling basic needs, of providing any security at all, on Capricorn. This means that to the observer the Capricorn rising child may appear to be usurping adults’ authority or prerogatives, or that she doesn’t know the meaning of ‘play’ or ‘fun’—but of all the signs, Cap rising may be the one most acutely aware of how her demeanor seems odd to onlookers—just know that there’s always a reason the goat has adopted such a severe outlook, and respect her need to take the attitude she does—it may be the only thing that lets her sleep at night.

From the inside looking out, the Capricorn rising individual may see the world as a chaotic or unreliable or even unforgiving place. Recall that the rising sign is a response to the environment where we first meet the world; in Cap’s case, the suggestion is she is responsible to create boundaries, rules, barriers, and a sense of order—not the thing to encourage a young one’s positive outlook or the spontaneity and lightheartedness of childhood. The implication is that Cappy had to make up for someone else’s deficiency or lack of restraint, and though this may be true sometimes, it can also be that the individual with this rising sign is a hypersensitive Being who needed to erect overly strong protections against the outside sensations of the material world—or that she is someone who feels her own wildness so close to the surface that exceptional repression and restraint are in order, to keep from falling into her own personal chaos.

As an adult, Cappy rising may reassure others by her mere presence, and at any age she may be the one others automatically turn to in a crisis or for advice. It always feels to others like this Ascendant will know what to do, or how to stop whatever needs stopping, and Capricorn is happy to serve this function. As long as she is appreciated for her habit of meeting challenges with concerted effort, laboring consistently to achieve and build, laying not just the foundations for the building blocks of life but also the walls and roof, the wallpaper and paint, and paying the taxes. Capricorn needs to be appreciated, like anybody else, and on the Ascendant she wants others to see the extent of her control, over herself and the world. Look beneath the serious demeanor to see what Cappy is really trying to offer: security, stability, to remove worry from everyone’s equation.

The Capricorn Ascendant wants, always, to be productive; this can easily slip into repression of others, or suppression of the Self, if she doesn’t feel she or others are focused, making progress, getting ahead. This can give this Ascendant a mercenary quality, or a no-nonsense dictatorial one, until others understand that above all Cappy wants to be of use–anything less, and she’s disappointed in herself, and that may even morph into fearfulness, should she begin to think things will never change.

Capricorn rising prides herself on her dependability, but will only flourish once she accepts the gentle nurturing offered by opposing sign Cancer. In keeping things strictly controlled and grounded Cappy may not value nourishment, physical, psychic, emotional, and spiritual, as much as she needs to in order to foster a balanced approach to achievement, discipline, and to conquer her fear (for what combats Saturnian fears better than loving care?); once she does, she becomes a formidable human Being keyed to thoughtful, lasting accomplishment.

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