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Just some highlights for your perusal:

On the 4th we have a pair of aspects perfecting that are so subtle in effect that we may not realize it’s something other than our own touchiness making for upset: Chiron squares Vesta, putting a sense of woundedness in conflict with highest values–and when we feel aggrieved we end up looking for challenges to what we honor–or conversely, when we’re feeling righteous, we automatically see disagreement as a challenge to all we hold sacred, or maybe even that we insist our values are valid because they attract criticism–and that last is totally backward reasoning, so unreasonable! It’s an ugly quagmire of too much sensitivity plus too much surety that what we value should be what everyone else values, too. And this is supported, unfortunately, by Mars novile Neptune, which could channel creative efforts into inspired, even genius, ways and forms, as long as we don’t allow actions and choices to fall prey to illusions or delusions surrounding ideals–and where we keep our ideals is Vestal, making us susceptible to seeing things in a wounded light. Stay awake and aware, for best results.

The 5th sees the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun (that’s when they meet when Mercury is in direct apparent motion). Both quincunx Jupiter and Merc parallels Ceres, suggesting an extended moment of clarity that allows direct communication with or messages from Nature. We also have Juno opposed Zeus (ambitions and avenues for empowerment appear to be at odds) and Venus opposed Pluto (either we refuse to look at the dark or dangerous side to earning or relationships, or we find ourselves staring into the Void, mesmerized). Use the openness of the SC energy to get clear as well on our own wants and our interplay with others; focus on the light, or be overwhelmed perceptually.

On the 6th it’s all about the way Sun-Mercury squares Neptune and catches Uranus at the midpoint. This is prime time for ill-considered, erratic moves generated by misunderstanding (at best) or out-right deception (at worst). Luckily, Merc is parallel Venus and Neptune is contra-parallel Juno, with the two combined suggesting we ground our perceptions in our own capacity to act and affect things (in our circumstances of real-world empowerment) and in our values–keep these in mind and you won’t go wrong.

For the 7th our minds are on the prize, with thinking centered on what we want and how to get it (Merc trine Zeus and sextile Juno); at the same time we’re shown what’s not working to our advantage in the real-world power situation (Saturn sesq Ceres) and how our priorities and what we honor may actually be detrimental to us (Vesta sq Hygeia). Use these factors for the invaluable insights they offer, rather than as fodder for kvetching. The danger here is that we’ll fall back into old patterns of doing and choosing (Mars conj SN); it’s our duty to use what we’re offered to find our way forward, opening new doors and getting new views by opening windows we’ve never noticed before.

The 8th is lively, and mostly not in a good way. In spite of the way we are able to muster ourselves and our most unique qualities in support of our goals (especially those major, Sun-related ones) and those things we find important and honor (Uranus trine Vesta, Sun trine Zeus and parallel Ceres), we still find ourselves wrestling with the Powers-That-Be, with the dark and denied in relationships, and/ or with disparities between our thinking and our impulse to action, especially in regrets over how this has manifested in the past (Venus opp Black Moon Lilith, Merc sesq Mars and SN, and qnx Pluto). It’s our own minds, weighed down by guilt or sadness, that are our biggest impediments, closely followed by our own propensity to fight City Hall (in whatever form this takes). Stand down from your own aggressions, and you’re likely to find that you can make a lot of forward progress.

Have a great week, thanks for stopping by, and many thanks to those who offer this blog (and me!) their support–I couldn’t do it without you!