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“No burden is so heavy for a man to bear as a succession of happy days”     –Max Planck

‘Oww, That’ll Leave a Mark’

The Astrological Heavies in Transit

With transits of the outer planets to the natal chart, I want to look specifically at the burden to the spirit they may evoke, the weight that may accrue to the outlook and cause depression, ennui, frustration, distraction, or a sense of a loss of Purpose. Of course, not all transits produce an effect, and often there are a number of different manifestations that occur from slow, long-term contact from a transiting body to a natal one, some of which are experienced as positive and some as negative.  Our discussion will ignore most if not all of the positives of these transits; we’re concentrating on the mental, emotional, and spiritual ways the outer transits may bring us down, often in ways we don’t immediately recognize as stemming from these particular energies.

Jupiter–I know! You don’t expect the planet of abundance to do damage, but it will, if what it’s magnifying by aspect carries morose or regretful energy to begin with. Any out-of-balance energy contacted may get exaggerated and possibly broadcast; we are often more ‘visible’ when Jupiter aspects important bodies, especially when it contacts bodies that represent some major part of us (the Sun, for example, or the chart ruler, or the ruler of our Midheaven or the point itself, which is already highly visible). Easy aspects (sextile, trine) mean we can slip into a negative state without even realizing it, likely believing that our behavior or choices will soon make us feel better; hard aspects (possibly the conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx) may bring knowledge or public exposure that sends us off the deep end. Some of the worst benders (emotional binges, risk-taking of all kinds, indulgences in food, alcohol, or indiscriminate shopping or sex) come with a transit of Jupiter to a planet or point harboring unresolved issues.

Though Saturn often presents as classic depression, it has other, more subtle ways of affecting us as well. It can take away any or all of our appetites in such a way that we simply think we’re off sweets or travel or sex, when we are actually profoundly sad–and that’s the Saturn secret: it can manifest as real but undirected heartbreak, so that we have the sensation without it actually belonging to any specific thing in the life. Saturn contact can also suppress immune response via devastated emotional perceptions; the reaction can be so strong that the body perceives it as a physical blow attacking every cell. Real physical pain, often in the form of all-over aches and soreness may also occur in what is in essence a kind of spiritual or emotional Rolfing (an intense method of massage that re-organizes the positioning of the connective tissue, or fascia, throughout the body, on the theory that painful experiences, emotions, and life events affect these tissues and are ‘carried’ within them, distorting the body’s natural posture and balance in the process).

Uranus we expect to see as a shock or surprise–but it can be a ‘sea change’ to the group we once felt so much a part of, something subtle, with only the realization of our changed position a sudden revelation, not the change itself. Disorientation and confusion (from a feeling that things are chaotic) can sweep in like a wave, and temporary loss of intellectual acuity or grasp is a distinct possibility. A feeling of alienation may hit, cutting one off from the usual lines of spiritual, emotional, or mental sustenance, and our response may be to freeze in place, fearing erratic behavior, sudden change, or the unanticipated, as we may sense these are basic components of the energy that feels like it’s making an assault on us. We may also feel surrounded by chaos, alone in the riot. Uranus by transit can be largely unseen, manifesting in intangible ways, and so can make us feel paranoid and at real bodily risk though no threat is apparent.

With Neptune we expect to be distracted, misled, or inspired, but we may end up in a Cosmic funk, wondering about our place in the Universe–or feeling very very small in the scheme of things. We could also feel as if we don’t matter, or even that we don’t exist–the Neptunian awareness of ‘All-That-Is’ dwarfs our own perception of our personal role until we may feel we’re no more than a speck–and any of these viewpoints can bring forward fear, a sense of disappearing. Reactions to what feels like imminent obliteration can get us into trouble if we go into ‘I’ll do anything to survive’ mode.  Some will take to the feeling and eventually lose the fear, accessing tremendous spiritual knowledge and experience, as well as immense creativity. The spirit longs to respond to the Neptunian influence, but may be overwhelmed by Neptune’s all-inclusive nature when it tries to express through the finite physical existence–and our imaginations can run away with us from there, for good or ill.

Pluto transits can be very dark, leading us Orpheus-like into our own personal Underworld–but that can be a very good thing, if we open our eyes to the secrets, hidden matters, and power that we’ve stashed away outside our own awareness, and can result in us returning to the surface enlightened in some important way. We expect rage or sexual aggressiveness under Pluto, but may not anticipate the potential for quiet withdrawal and depth of contemplation, as re-generation occurs. Clean-sweeps may take place, but these are sown with myriad possibilities for the new and the original, as Pluto floods us with our own particular expression of the Soul’s ultimate power. For many this will be overwhelming; the need to turn away will curtail acceptance of the complete slate of potentials and truncate the power expression to fit the scale of the life. The brave may end up immolating themselves through intense Self-examination and testing in the physical world, only to rise to a completely new level of Being, once the transit has passed. Death-defying feats are common at this time; Pluto takes us outside our comfort zone, and only by crossing the wasteland can we return to it.

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