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‘Sonia’ 1995 (Pencil on canvas) By Julián Maroto Fernández CC BY-SA 4.0

Saturday the 9th is a day for social events, for getting out in and contemplating Nature, for entertaining, for seeing the beauty in each unique Soul, for the most elegant of constructive efforts–but all with an eye to tip-toeing around those matters that are forbidden, that we or others are in denial of, ignoring, or enraged about, no matter how deeply that anger is hidden. That’s a tough prescription; in spite of genuine and careful interactions devoid of passive-aggressive elements, we may still step in it. Two points: we can only be responsible for ourselves, so be it: own what you are and do, but don’t allow anybody else to assign blame–whatever they’re upset about is theirs to deal with. And second, as long as you attune to an honestly loving vibe, you won’t have any issues. If it blows up, even a little, it’s your barometer, telling you there’s something artificial being peddled–check around ’til you find what stinks, and clean it up if it’s yours (Sun parallel Venus, Mercury sextile Ceres and quincunx Black Moon Lilith).

By the 10th we’ll have to deal with what we’ve uncovered–but oh, what a bonus, in that we see just what and how we are empowered, and so are naturally shown exactly how to make our power even greater. We may not like what we see, or the methods may be unacceptable, and so our empowerment level remains where it is, but we’ll have the chance, no matter how dicey or unpleasant. There’s also an opportunity to benefit from what we don’t know, or from listening to our instincts (but as I always say, be sure those are instincts talking!) It’s a day when our wisdom, its depth, relation to the real world, and the authenticity of what we consider knowledge are all questioned–do your best, but be willing to learn (Pallas semi-sq and Venus sxt Sedna, Pluto sq Juno).

Monday, the 11th we get some great ideas about our future; it’s the perfect time to talk out our plans, especially because awareness of our own capabilities and the support we do or don’t enjoy remains high (and that means our plans will be that much more effective, as they deal with real-world parameters). The only issue may be that we are both drawn to and required in some way to adjust ourselves to the Powers-That-Be or to some darker or more destructive elements or individuals hovering around. Make the adjustments, and especially in the case of the more randomly present negatives, do your best to avoid them (Merc nov NN, Sun qnx Pluto and sxt Juno).

Have a wonderful weekend!