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No matter how humble our aspirations, this New Moon will have us reaching for more (or better). By Jules Bastien-Lepage 1876 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs in Gemini on the 13th at 22 Gemini 44, at 12:43 PM Pacific time. The event, with Ceres, forms the base of a loose Finger of God, apex Black Moon Lilith, which of course is an empty point in space–so, symbolically, the New Moon helps point to what isn’t there, at least not yet, but can be felt, like a shift in the tone of a room, in an attitude. We might be tempted to see Pluto as co-apex, but don’t–it’s too wide for the quincunx to Ceres to count, though the NM perfects close enough to its quincunx to be counted, drawing in the power and danger Pluto’s presence can signal through the NM itself–so indicating timing, most likely, a Plutonian element at or near the NM moment. This configuration suggests that Nature, a maternal or authority figure, or ourselves, in the position of exerting our Will/ authority within a situation/ or exerting our position and its prerogatives, may act at the time of the New Moon and set in motion something powerful but invisible–something that stirs Black Moon Lilith’s depths of hidden, ignored, or denied matters, or of rage or injustice.

The only other aspects within reasonable orb are a sextile to Juno and a sesquiquadrate to Mars. These suggest that whatever our current position of empowerment or status (Juno) we easily (and probably immediately) reach for what power that gives us; perhaps this is the fuel to the Finger’s fire, where we step into ‘greater than’ territory (Ceres), potentially stepping on a few toes, promoting ourselves, and/ or taking as our own a more potent role. This action, and/ or our choices (Mars) may be awkward, in terms of fitting with our current position, but that’s the point: this New Moon fosters a Will or an opportunity to take a larger role, to be more than we have been, and though this stirs buried upsets, it also gives us a chance to grow, and to grow our influence.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is, ‘Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree’. The fledglings are the ideas we’ll test, the power assertions we’ll try, and possibly the upsets or buried material we’ll bring out into the open–at this point we’ll see if our new role, efforts, or assertions ‘fly’, or plummet to a quick end–and that will tell us where to put our energies in the immediate future.

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