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‘Stromschnelle’ – By Gerhard Rießbeck – Germany (with the permission of the artist reproduced and uploaded by Hannes Grobe) CC BY-SA 2.0

Today we find ourselves swept along by a powerfully unavoidable current, one that reflects our true values, and what we actually dedicate our time and energy to. What we honor becomes blatantly clear by what is presented for us to deal with; if we feel our time is being wasted by externals, distractions, or the demands of others, we’re invited to see that that’s exactly where our energy and attention are going on a daily basis. Using this vibe productively requires that we admit to any gap that exists between what we pay lip service to and what we’re in reality dedicated to–it’s only by acknowledging the disparity that we have any hope of living as we profess to. Luckily, being honest opens the way to gain, especially in taking steps to further ambitions and in profiting from ones already taken. All in all, an excellent day, with only ourselves and our foibles holding us back (Pluto parallel Vesta, Venus nov Zeus, Finger of God with base of Hygeia sxt Mars retro-SN, apex Ceres-Venus)