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San Michele Manufacture – Tapestry with the goddess Roma {{PD}}

What more could you want, right? Beauty and a sense of authority, ‘rightness’, and effectiveness combine to make a BIG personal statement–so what’s missing? Love, maybe, or a world that has other people in it! We may become so enamored of our own ability to make a splash or ‘to do’ that we could become neglectful or contrary regarding those things that are actually the bedrock of our daily life–and in turn this may prompt us to act or choose in ways that undermine our actual empowerment (probably in favor of some imagined possible promise). Parse thoughts and messages carefully, for their impact and their import (as in, what’s behind this message?), and do your best to weigh the cost of actions vs. their end-result worth; the temptation may be to act for a short-term gain or high that carries eventual less-than-desirable consequences (Venus conj Ceres, qnx Mars and Hygeia forming a Finger, and parallel Juno, Mars sq Juno, and Merc qnx Pluto).