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Pierre Puvis de Chavannes ‘Fantasy’ 1865 {{PD}}

We might feel denied our fantasies, and though in most instances that’s a productive thing, this time it may feel like we’re being punished. In this case, the mechanism of denial has the purpose of waking us up. If we don’t awaken and approach events with eyes open, we end up acting foolishly, undermining health, losing Love or Money over matters we’ve tried to sweep under the rug, and otherwise investing in all the wrong things. Our saving grace is the Sun’s entry into Leo and consequent novile to Ceres; this brings focus back to what’s important to us, personally, briefly un-muddying the Cosmic waters and re-orienting us to our needs and Purpose. If we’re looking for reasons *Why* those waters have been muddied, we need look no farther than Mars retrograde, bringing delinquent behaviors and rash attitudes to the surface, and the approaching Total Lunar eclipse; between the two, we may feel things and ourselves more than a little upended this week (Mars opp Pallas, Venus sesq Black Moon Lilith, sxt Jupiter, parallel Hygeia and contra-parallel Zeus and Neptune, Pallas conj NN, Sun sesq Neptune).

Have a lovely weekend!