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Tomás Yepes {{PD}}

A hard day–but only if we rebuke what’s healthy, wise, recommended by our inner wisdom. Too, staying true to genuine values and commitments may cost us, or bring negative feedback–but we’re big girls and boys, so we can just let that roll off our backs, as at this point it’s more important to support our values (including important commitments to others) than to please someone else’s demand or whim. That’s it in a nutshell–have a great start to your week! (Venus sq and Sun sesq Vesta, Mercury sesq and Sun trine Hygeia)

A salute to nut and nutcracker portraitist Elizabeth Tashjian, aka The Nut Lady. She not only painted them, but opened her own nut museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut USA (No restrictions, via the Smithsonian Institution)