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This looks like a big deal. Sandro Botticelli – ‘La nascita di Venere’ (The Birth of Venus) c1485

Or at least it will feel like a big deal, as a magnifying glass hits our sense of personal authority and our finesse at negotiating, causing examination of the sheer extent of our power over our domain and our reach into the lives of others, especially those for whom we’re responsible. It brings opportunity, a chance to communicate cleanly, a better understanding of our own priorities, and just possibly a wicked, enmeshed power struggle between two formidable figures. A scant few may freeze under the glare of attention, even though for most of us that attention will come completely from ourselves. There’s no shame in not being reactive, if it means we won’t lose ourselves to a world that’s expanding well beyond our comfort level (Jupiter sxt Ceres, Mercury trine Vesta).