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‘One-Shot Jimmie’s’ by Andrew Stevovich, 1988 Photo By Andr.V.S. – The painting was photographed in my studio Previously published: Published on my web-site (http://www.andrewstevovich.com) and my blog (http://andrewstevovich.blogspot.com) as well as several exhibition cataloges., CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19053154

At least, it may feel like the social sphere, or our partner, or maybe the facts, or perhaps the whole world, is against our active empowerment and our exercise of all our prerogatives, especially those conveyed by our status or standing (Jupiter opp Juno)–but that’s likely just a projection, where we assign the external world the role of stopping something we know (unconsciously, subliminally) isn’t really something we should do or embrace. Relationships or finances, it doesn’t matter, we know what’s smart (Venus parallel Pallas), we just might not be able to admit that to ourselves, and that’s where the world steps in and prevents something we’ll regret later. Thanks, world! If we’ll just use our highest values as a guide, we’ll know exactly what to do; exhibiting this kind of trust in ourselves both contributes to our healing, and calls forth our sharpest skills. Never mind that it may seem we’re crossing already-tread territory–we’re doing it and getting it absolutely right, this time (Mars retro nov Vesta and sxt Chiron).