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Pierre-Auguste Renoir – ‘La Tasse de Chocolat’ c1912 {{PD}}

Today communications of all kinds are like F. Gump’s famous box of chocolates–you never know what you’re going to get. Worse, you also don’t know what you might say! And that’s not even taking into account the unspoken messages, or those written so that we could take them this way, or that, or the ones conveyed by other means, a glance, an action, a choice, an emotional reaction one is unable to hide. A couple of things we can know for certain, in all this: if we react precipitously, we will be doing so out of misunderstanding or the illusion that we are being disempowered by what’s happening (Sun qnx Neptune and sq Juno, Mars semi-sq Neptune), and this starts something with bigger implications (retro Merc and the Sun meet, known as the Inferior Conjunction), to be ‘delivered’ as an ending or fait accompli in a couple of months (at the Superior Conjunction–that is, in direct motion–of Mercury and the Sun). What we need to understand is how we’re listening right now; our perceptions are dented by hurt, anticipating conflict, and relationships or financial matters quite specifically threaten our sense of wholeness and right (Venus contra-parallel Pallas and opp Chiron, Merc sq Juno, sesq Chiron, and semi-sq Venus)–how could any of us hope to make good choices, or even hear what’s coming at us clearly, with such influences? We can’t, so be kind to yourself and others, and realize that what you think you’re hearing/ the message you’re getting is distorted, somehow, and you need to let a little time go by before you respond.