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Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida – ‘El Pescador’ The Fisherman 1903 {{PD}}

Uranus officially starts apparent backward motion with a semi-square to Neptune and a sesquiquadrate to Ceres, and try though it might, it will not be able to complete a square to Mars anytime soon, which is on its own retrograde and on an ever-widening march toward re-entering Capricorn. The Uranus turnaround may challenge both our fantasies and what we see as our rights; expect to shed an illusion or two, and to have to justify your prerogatives, as others won’t necessarily agree those are your territory–and that may be one of the illusions that falls.

Meanwhile, creative types should mine the past for inspiration and former sources of empowerment–it may be time to employ those same methods again. Cooperation is the word of the day, even though to get there may necessitate giving up a little of our power or denying some of the perqs of our status–but if it gets things moving, it might be worth it. In any case, effort definitely brings reward. It’s obvious today what the smart or practical thing is; now if we can only overcome all our ‘Yes, but . . .’ excuses as to why it shouldn’t be that way–(Neptune nov SN and sxt Juno, Venus sesq Juno and trine Mars, Sun conj Pallas)