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I. E. C. Rasmussen – ‘Sommernat under den Grønlandske Kyst circa Aar 1000’ {{PD}}

If we resist the earthquake, bracing ourselves against the unavoidable series of seismic shocks, one after the other, we will stress ourselves, even our very bones, and break. The key to getting through relatively unscathed is a Zen-like acceptance of what happens, an overt willingness that both respects what’s going on and is open to accepting empowerment within that framework of change. This may require we stop thinking of ourselves in old power roles and old power terms; be open to the world as it is, and it will offer its gifts (Pluto trine Juno, Ceres sesq SN)

Today’s word image is a lone Viking sails his boat to the shores of a new land. How much of a Warrior are you? And how much of one are you when you’re on your own? You’re going to find out in the coming days. How to get through it? Remind yourself there’s nothing truly new under the sun; know your history, and know your history. It’s all happened before no matter how unusual it looks, and it will all happen again–your only freedom is in how you react.

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